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Zerodha Kite Connect API for Algo Trading Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Integrate Zerodha Kite Connect API with Python
  • Get basic understanding of Python Tools
  • Understand basics of Algo trading strategy development
  • Understanding of Paper Trading using Fake Zerodha API
  • Download Indian Stock Market Tick Data & Place Orders using Software


  • Basic of Software Development using Python, Basics of Indian Stock Market


Zerodha Kite Connect API for Algo Trading Stock market trading is highly dependent on human emotions. Our emotional biases like loss aversion & mental accounting negatively affect our decisions in the stock market. Most traders lose money in the stock market because of emotional issues & lack of discipline. Most modern traders have started shifting to software-based Algo Trading because of the above-mentioned issues.

Zerodha is a leading discount broker in India. It has the best user Interface & API. Using this course you will be able to integrate with the Zerodha kite API within a few days.

This course explains the Zerodha kite connect API architecture in detail. Also included are the cost structure & limitations of the API

This course covers complete API functionality, including:

Manual & Automatic Login – The API login process has been explained in a highly simplified manner.

Order Management – Placing orders, modifying, canceling, placing & trail stop loss orders. 

Historical OHLC data downloading for different candle sizes.

Receiving real-time tick data for multiple instruments & saving it in the Database.

Creating audio-visual alerts for monitoring multiple stock prices’ upper & lower limits.

Write code for paper trading with a strategy.

Extra lecture on developing SMA & morning market direction strategy examples.

The course has all codes available in the resources section.

This course requires basic knowledge of Python language & related tools like Anaconda, Jupyter notebook & Spyder. You also need an understanding of Pandas & NumPy. Database knowledge like Mysql will be added advantage.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers, Algo Traders, Software Students

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