Writing the Perfect Spell

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the structure of spellwork
  • Understand the components of an objective
  • Identify the seven elements accurately in a sample spell
  • Write your own spell containing following the structure of spellwork accurately


  • Basic knowledge of western witchcraft


The purpose of this course is to: Writing the Perfect Spell

  1. Introduce the Seven Elements of the Structure of Spellwork
  2. Explore a sample spell and identify the elements
  3. Guide you to write your own spell using what you have learned

The seven elements of the structure of spellwork are essential parts of traditional western magical practice. These parts must be clearly stated during the spellwork in order to be most effective. Making your own spells takes a lot of time and effort to get it right; this course provides a framework for which the words of a spell should be written. Many often say that “intent” is all that matters; however, there is more to spellwork than intent! The intent is only one integral part of a larger construct.

Within each of the seven elements are smaller components that direct each element. These components keep our intent focused and our eye on the objective of the spell. This is very important to guide our behavior in modeling within the spell as well as our action beyond the spellwork itself, into our mundane lives.

The framework also reminds us that in order to take we must give. There is a degree of reciprocity in spellwork that must be acknowledged. For most, a spell is a bargain struct with an intercessory spirit to extract some meaningful outcome. This is worked into the structure and repeated a couple times to reinforce the seriousness of the intent of the spell. When we cast a spell, the intent is that we want to make it happen; therefore, there has to be identifiable means to convey our goals and objectives.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner witches

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