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WordPress Malware Removal & Hacked Website Recovery

What you’ll learn

  • Scan the wordpress website online
  • Take wordPress files & database backup before cleaning malwares
  • A brief of identify malware/ malicious codes
  • Cleaning the WordPress core files, plugins & themes
  • Backdoor & shell attacks & Cleaning the Backdoors & Shell codes
  • Scanning the Website with a Free Plugin & Install Firewall & Login Security
  • Cleaning PHP, javascript malwares manually & Protect website using .htaccess
  • Seo spam, japanese & pharma spam, google blacklist/deceptive site ahead issue solve
  • Website blacklist/ IP Blacklist/ Antivirus Blacklist check & solve
  • Hacked website recovery & wordpress security confirmation


  • No programming experience needed
  • Need to know how wordpress works


In this course, we will learn the basic knowledge about WordPress. How WordPress website work and what files and folders can be easily replaced. And also you will learn a different approach to clean the WordPress malware files and folders.

At very beginning we will scan the website online to check site is infected or not. Then clean the website malwares manually and then run a scan using a free plugin. We will scan the website online to check for viruses, then backup the whole WordPress website. Understanding brief about what makes up a WordPress website. Clean the infected files and folders manually. Again, risk and the website using a free plug-in. What are the requirements for distillation? First, you will need to have all the credentials to access your WordPress website and also hosting access to start working on malware removal.

If the website is hacked or defaced we will see how they do that? Using a shell or backdoor? How to find that? How to remove the hacker’s current access? Then we will see Cleaning PHP, javascript & .htaccess malwares manually.

We will use a simple yet effective approach to clean the site. Anyone having a basic knowledge of WordPress can clean the infected website and you do not need to have any coding skills. Everything has been clearly explained.

We will also have a look into Seo spam & google blacklist/deceptive site ahead. How to recover google blacklist and seo spam. In some cases website can be blacklisted in other search engines too. How to check IP blacklist for the website and how to check antivirus blacklist and how to request them to review website to fix the issues.

We will also see how to recover a hacked website & we will configure wordpress security for future.

By the end of this course, you should understand how WordPress websites are composed and how you can clean the wordpress sites files and folders, How to clean malwares and recover a hacked website and you can serve you clients with this service at any local or international marketplaces.

Who this course is for:

  • Those students who want to serve “WordPress Malwares/ Virus Removal & Hacked Website Recovery” services to his clients in marketplaces.
  • For the Ethical Hackers & Web Security Experts

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