Wix Django APIシステム開発講座【AWS Python 3 PostgresSQL Django 4】

What you’ll learn

  • Wixでのシステム開発ができるようになる|Be able to develop systems in Wix
  • DjangoAPIを使って外部システムからAPI連携ができるようになる|API integration from external systems using DjangoAPI
  • 自分でAWSでサービスのインフラを構築できるようになる|Be able to build your own AWS infrastructure for your services
  • 自分のシステムを独自ドメインでWebページを表示できるようになる|Be able to display web pages on your own system with your own domain
  • Djangoでのシステム開発が学習できる|You can learn to develop systems in Django
  • 構築したインフラにDjangoでアプリケーションを作成できるようになる|Be able to create applications in Django on the infrastructure you build
  • Visual Studio CodeでAWSのソースコードを修正できるようになる|Visual Studio Code will allow you to modify AWS source code
  • PGAdminでRDSにアクセスできるようになる|PGAdmin to be able to access RDS


  • パソコン|personal computer
  • インターネット環境|Internet environment
  • クレジットカード(AWSの登録に必要)|Credit card (required for AWS registration)


Wix Django APIシステム開発講座【AWS Python 3 PostgresSQL Django 4】

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English translation below

Course Title

Wix Django API System Development Course [Super fast portfolio creation for those who want to learn AWS and work remotely]

Course Subtitle

Job hunting/career change, freelance/side hustle, build a pillar of income with web system development!  AWS Python 3  RDS(PostgresSQL) Nginx Gunicorn Django4 Support

Have you ever wanted to change jobs, freelance, or build web systems to have a stable and prosperous life?

These days, with the spread of remote work due to Corona, the demand for remote system development is increasing, especially using AWS. Corona may settle down in the future, but another cause may make it impossible to develop systems at the company in the future.

If that happens, having experience developing with AWS will allow you to be flexible and will give you an advantage in changing jobs or freelancing. This course will enable you to understand how system development on AWS works by actually performing system development on AWS.

In addition, using API integration in Wix eliminates the need to design coding in HTML and CSS, and allows you to create screens intuitively, which significantly reduces development time. This will be a great advantage for those who develop systems and release services on their own. By building your web system and providing services, you can have a more stable life. We hope that you will be prepared for the future by learning to develop API systems with Wix and AWS.

This course can also be used by those who want to learn AWS and work remotely to create a portfolio of work for job hunting or career change quickly.

See you in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • AWSでサービスのインフラを構築したい方|Those who want to build infrastructure for their services on AWS
  • Django学習初心者|Django learning beginner
  • システム開発初心者|System development beginner
  • Wixでシステム開発を行いたい方|Those who want to develop systems in Wix
  • DjangoAPIを使ってシステム開発を行いたい方|Those who want to develop systems using DjangoAPI
  • Python学習初心者|Python learning beginner
  • リモートワークを行いたい就活・転職者|Job hunters and job seekers who want to work remotely

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