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Water&Sustainability:Fundamentals of Sustainable Development

What you’ll learn

  • Understand driving forces of global water demand, climate change and sustainable development
  • Identify risks and opportunities for different sectors in terms of water availability and climate change
  • Develop sustainability strategies for different sectors
  • Learn about agriculture, industry&energy’s role in water demand, climate change and sustainability
  • Learn about UN Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework
  • Current EU regulations for sustainability


  • Eagerness to learn about sustainability and sustainable development!


Water&Sustainability:Fundamentals of Sustainable Development Currently, sustainability is a very popular term. From public services to business world, from environment to industry we are trying to render our world more sustainable. However, many are lost within the definitions and promises of new realm that is being created. Do we really know what we mean when we say ‘sustainable’? Sustainability encompasses more than few keywords we are used to hear nowadays. Due to lack of fundamentals and critical thinking of cause and effect relation between human and earth, we are bound to be very slow and inefficient in our actions to tackle unsustainable patterns we have developed.

Water&Sustainability is designed to teach you the essential knowledge and the working mechanism of natural and human-made processes to understand the consequences of our actions. Once you comprehend driving forces and human-made pressures on our earth you’ll connect dots and critically think to find resolutions to challenging situations.

Why water? Water is in the core of most fundamental sustainability issues we face today. We are worried about climate change. While ‘water’ is not directly mentioned in most climate policies, in fact, the unwanted consequences of climate change directly relate with water.

Current international policy frameworks for sustainable development, such as UN SDGs, reveal that water is, directly or indirectly, connected to other goals to achieve sustainable development.

Upon completion of the course you’ll gain a broader vision to reason issues, judge current practices and develop strategies to tackle unsustainable patterns in different business sectors, society or simply in your daily lives.

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Business professionals
  • Sustainability practitioners
  • Anyone eager to learn about sustainability and sustainable development

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