Vue 3 incl. Router, VueX, Pinia, Composition API & Firebase

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of Vue
  • Building Single Page Applications and understanding routing (Vue Router)
  • Learn application shared state management with VueX and Pinia
  • All new Composition API including composables!
  • Understand how to build small components and big applications with Vue
  • Build real life application projects with backend and authentication, and deploy them on the web!
  • Learn about CSS transitions and animations, and using them in/with Vue
  • Learn Pinia – the modern and future state management library
  • Learn Unit Testing, including testing composables & components, spying, setup & teardown functions, mocking and code coverage!
  • Practice and learn Test-Driven Development (TDD)!


  • Basic JavaScript understanding
  • Basic HTML and CSS understanding


Vue 3 incl. Router, VueX, Pinia, Composition API & Firebase. Learn one of the most essential skills in 2022 and beyond – the Vue Framework! I’ll take you from a total beginner to an intermediate Vue developer throughout this course!

This course will take you from a complete beginner to a Vue master in a short amount of time!

Some of the topics covered:

  • Vue basics (app instance, templates, conditional rendering, loops, directives, form input binding, reactivity)
  • Components (component communication, props, events emitting, custom v-model directive, slots)
  • Single File Components (Vue CLI, build step)
  • Vue Router (creating routes, creating links, named routes, parameters, catch-all routes, programmatic navigation, route params as props, repeatable params, redirects, aliases, nested routes, navigation guards)
  • VueX and Shared State Management (mutations, actions, getters, VueX modules, VueX namespacing, VueX plugins, VueX helper functions)
  • Composition API (How to convert from Options API to Composition API, complete Composition API introduction including all-new functions, composables, the Script Setup, Vite)
  • Firebase (Firestore database, managing documents, and collections, Firestore transactions, real-time queries & updates, Firebase Authentication and security rules)
  • Deploying your app to Firebase hosting
  • CSS Transitions & Animations, animating with Vue, the <Transition> and <TransitionGroup> components, all with examples!
  • Pinia – it’s the only complete Vue course on Udemy, where Pinia is explained! Pinia is a state management library, the future version of VueX! Learn it by creating a fun game!
  • Unit Testing – learn how to write unit tests using Vite, and how to test components and composables. This includes complicated and edge scenarios, like testing composable with lifecycle hooks with an ad-hoc component! I’ll explain the code coverage. You’ll know how to use mocking and spying. You’ll learn the best way to work with testing code that makes HTTP requests! Finally, there are a lot of Test Driven Development examples.

The course is full of diagrams to explain more complicated topics, but generally, it’s mostly hands-on – with code written on the screen.

It’s not your typical YouTube tutorial though! I explain every bit of code that’s written, as my goal is that you understand everything so you can easily do it yourself later!

See my other course reviews, and enroll now, to get the most up-to-date, most substantial, and most fun Vue learning experience possible!

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