Up The Neck Techniques and Solos For The 5 String Banjo

What you’ll learn

  • Up The Neck Techniques and Solos For The 5 String Banjo
  • Play Banjo Solos Up The Neck
  • Learn new Banjo Tunes
  • Improvise Solos
  • Learn New Roll Patterns and Left Hand Positions on The Banjo


  • Own a 5 String Banjo


Welcome to Up The Neck Techniques and Solos for The 5 String banjo. Go Beyond The 5th Fret!

In this course you will learn many of the essential techniques and musical ideas that have helped me in my 20 year career as a professional Bluegrass banjo Player. You will learn partial chords (chord fragments) in the F shape, D shape and the Bar shape in multiple positions on the neck so you can understand how to build solos and improvise all around the fretboard. You will learn essential Up The Neck licks including the famous 10th fret choke lick (bend) used by Earl Scruggs. I show how to play other fun blues licks up the neck so you can create  more exciting solos! I will demonstrate the Sally Goodin position so you can add this stylistic piece of vocabulary to your playing. You will learn how to play Up The Neck backup so you can accompany other musicians with movable chord shapes and the classic teardrop style backup for playing slower tunes. I will also demonstrate how to combine partial chord shapes with roll patterns so you can practice building default solos over standard chord progressions which is essential for creating solos and improvising. Finally, You will learn many new Up The Neck solos for classic Bluegrass tunes including Boil Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Theme Time, Lonesome Road Blues, Cumberland Gap, Little Maggie, Salty Dog Blues, Blackberry Blossom and Sally Goodin. This course also features multiple camera angles and downloadable tablature so you can follow along note for note. With regular practice I know this course will add lots of new and exciting techniques to your playing so you can get playing Up The Neck Banjo! Enjoy and Keep Picking! Chris Elliott

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner/Intermediate Banjo Players looking to Play Solos Up The Neck

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