Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints: Develop Your First Two Games

Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints: Develop Your First Two Games. Create a 3D platformer and shooter using Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints. Become a game developer!

What you’ll learn

  • Create an Unreal Engine 5 3D platformer and third-person shooter.
  • Code with Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints.
  • Have the necessary workflow, tools and skills to create your own 3D games.
  • 3D game and level design.


  • A computer capable of running Unreal Engine 5
  • Interested in making games using Unreal Engine 5


Create games without a single line of code using Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints.

Whether you are a beginning game developer, programmer, artist or designer, Unreal Engine offers you everything you need being one of the most popular and widely used game engines by professionals. Jump right into game creation with one of the key features: Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints.

You don’t need any programming experience.

Have fun while learning quickly as we create an action-packed Unreal Engine 5 3D platformer and third-person shooter from start to finish. With Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints, you will see how easy and intuitive it is to get started, but also finish games. Use the same tools AAA studios use in their Unreal Engine Blueprint projects and apply it to your own. Everything is free.

By the end of this course, you will have created and coded a 3D platformer and third-person shooter using Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints with easy follow-along videos. You will have the necessary workflow, tools, and skills to create your own Unreal Engine 5 3D games.

This course covers everything you need to start developing games, included but not limited to:

  • Unreal Engine 5 overview
  • Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints
  • Creating game projects
  • Level design, including assets import, lighting, and environment design
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Character animation
  • Character movement
  • Weapon shooting & reloading
  • Creating checkpoints
  • Making lootable items
  • Creating enemy AI
  • Level difficulty and change
  • Health & damage / death
  • Winning & losing
  • Game UI
  • Music & Sound Effects (SFX)
  • Packaging the game in the right way ready for release for the platform of your choice

Learn the best game development practice from a published developer

My name is Moustafa, and I am the director and developer of Farmtale on Steam made only with Blueprints. With years of experience making games and teaching, I will show you the best coding and game development practices. Join our supportive developer community on Discord, get involved, and see real results.

See you in lesson 1!

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners with no prior experience
  • Individuals who want to develop games but not write code
  • Experienced developers who want to brush up on their skills
  • Game designers and artists who want to get into game programming

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