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Understanding the Mechanics of the Stock Market

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the types and patterns of candlesticks used in stock market charts.
  • Determine the significance of volume.
  • Create support and resistance lines to help forecast movement.
  • Identify compression candles and understand their relevance to price movement.


  • Laptop, access to tradingview and/or other charting software


In this course you will learn how to utilize candlestick reading and technical analysis to determine how the algorithm moves prices in the stock market. In these lectures I give an in-depth look at the relationship volume activity has with price movement and activity. You will be surprised how by understanding these two things that you can start to read the markets with great accuracy. The whole idea behind the stock market deals mainly with understanding the mechanics of supply ( selling) and demand (buying) each one plays a unique role in how prices will move. Also I must address the issue that the majority of the stock market is controlled by algorithmic systems. These algorithms however all follow a set of predefined rules, which means the stock market in itself is a rule based system. This means that it’s not random in nature in how it moves each and every day. It’s mathematics, the collection of patterns which is something us as humans practice and study everyday. We utilize patterns and more importantly habits in our daily lives. So the idea is to take that inherent knowledge and then learn to identify patterns. Once we can identify the patterns which can begin to  trade with greater accuracy.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who is looking to get into day trading

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