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Twitter OSINT Hacking: Ethical Hackers and OSINTeers

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what hacking is exactly
  • Understand OSINT and what you can do with it
  • Set up your hacking environment the correct way, bypass all the issues, and learn Kali Linux
  • Use Twitter as an OSINT hacking tool like the real expert hackers
  • Learn how to create an undetectable and realistic fake identity
  • Use Twitter with hacking tricks and tips to reveal a lot of information
  • Spot and track the exact location of your target
  • Find the active and non-active time of your target
  • Combine all of the Twitter searching tricks to reveal much deeper information
  • Use the target’s conversations to reveal more information
  • Find companies’ partners and employees like a hacker
  • Extract all target’s tweets with much more information
  • Reveal the most amount of information about a company and individuals
  • Learn the hacking techniques and tricks to reveal sensitive information
  • Manipulate Twitter Search Engine to reveal a huge amount of information
  • Harden your OSINT hacking to reveal and gather a high amount of information that could be possible like an expert
  • Completely protect yourself on Twitter against all OSINT activities and attacks


  • With no knowledge or experience, you will learn Twitter OSINT hacking from scratch to the advanced level


Twitter OSINT Hacking: Ethical Hackers and OSINTeers. Do you want to learn how to reveal and gather information about your target on Twitter like real-world pro hackers?

Good day, my name is Mostafa Ahmad, I’m the founder and CEO of XEye Cybersecurity company and I’m an Expert Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity Engineer with over eight years of confirmed excellent expertise and excessive effectiveness. I am very happy to ship utterly my profitable expertise by means of my high-quality courses.

All through this course, you will learn highly advanced hacking technical methods besides the non-technical methods with the skills of expert real-world hackers to reveal deep information about your targets on Twitter, and I will definitely answer any questions that may arise to harden your skills and knowledge and help you step by step in your learning journey.

Here is what you will learn throughout this course: <All videos inside of the course with high resolution>

· What hacking exactly is

· What OSINT is and what you can do with it

· How to set up your hacking environment the correct waybypass all the issues and learn Kali Linux

· How to create an undetectable realistic fake account

· How to use Twitter with OSINT hacking tips and tricks that are performed by real-world malicious hackers.

· How to reveal the most amount of information about a company

· How to reveal the most amount of information about a person

· How to use advanced searching hacking techniques to reveal and gather a huge amount of information.

· How to Manipulate the Twitter search engine and reveal a lot of information

· How to combine all of the Twitter searching tricks to reveal much deeper information

· How to extract all target’s tweets with much more information

· How to find and track the exact location of your target

· How to find the active and non-active time of your target

· How to find companies’ partners and employees like a hacker

· How to find a target’s relatives and friends

· How to use the target’s conversations to reveal more information

· How to use the information you got to reveal much more information

· How to harden your OSINT hacking to reveal and gather a high amount of information that could be possible like an expert

· How to optimally protect yourself on Twitter against all OSINT activities and attacks

Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed with care to ease learning and make sure that you get the best outcome and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions that may arise with no limit to help you with your learning journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers
  • OSINTeers and invistigators
  • Anyone who wants to learn Twitter OSINT with advanced hackers mindset and techniques
  • Anyone who wants to optimally secure himeself/herself on Twitter

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