Twitter Automation – A Twitter bot that does all the work

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding what social media bots are, and how they work.
  • You will learn about 2 different Social media bots. And where to download these bots.
  • How to install the Social Media Bot for Twitter.
  • How to adjust the settings for the Twitter Social Media bot
  • How to use the Twitter social media bot. How to auto follow/unfollow/unfollow non followers.
  • You will learn more about Twitters policies and guidelines.


  • Basic knowledge of Twitter and Social Media


Twitter Automation – A Twitter bot that does all the work. Welcome to the first course by Social Media College.
Trying to find Social Media bots that don’t require your credentials is difficult. Imagine downloading files and compromising your most private and sensitive information? Today, you’re in luck. The bots we examine do NOT require your account credentials and are found on the Google Chrome extension market. Making them Safe to use.

In this course we will discuss Twitter Bots. If you want to learn about Twitter’s following system and how it works. This is the best course for you. Looking for a bot that builds your Twitter account whilst you watch Netflix?

Course contents.
1. Introduction
2. The Best Twitter bots!
We will examine 2 Twitter bots and outline the good, the bad and the ugly!

3. How to install the twitter bot.
4. The settings of the twitter Bot.
5. How use the Twitter bot. Follow & Unfollow process.
6. 36 weeks spreadsheet (Plan)
7. Twitter – Bots and Guidelines – A very important course to examine. Without knowing Twitter’s rules, you cannot successfully deploy the Social media bot. For example, Twitter allows you to follow a maximum of 400 accounts per day. What happens when you follow more?

We will guide you through the best bots to use, where to find these bots and how to use them.

Who this course is for:

  • Twitter Social Media bot that will help you build your Twitter account
  • Twitter Social Media bot that will help you auto follow accounts like a real human
  • Twitter Social Media bot that unfollows anyone who doesn’t follow you back
  • Those who lack Twitter knowledge by providing further information on Twitters policies and guidelines
  • Those who have little time to manage their social media accounts. This bot does all the work for you.

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