Tresna shawl by Ysolda Knitting Tutorials(一絞線披肩英文織圖解析)

What you’ll learn

  • You would be able to read English knitting patterns of shawls, and perform lace knitting skills with confidence. 將來能看懂喜歡的英文披肩織圖,並能順利做出基本蕾絲編織針法。
  • Single skein shawl is a perfect addition to your all-reason wardrobe, and you can knit it up with a reasonable budget. 單絞線披肩是實用的穿搭單品。
  • This course will teach you how to knit shawls step-by-step. 這堂課會帶領您一步步慢慢了解帽子的結構。
  • This course can Improve your knitting and English ability at the same time. 這堂課會讓您的編織與英文能力同時更上一層樓。


  • Basic knitting skills. You should be familiar with knit and purl. 知道何謂棒針,織過下針(knit)、上針(purl)。
  • Basic English ability. You can find your own seat on train or plane (e.g. 15D or 7E) without difficulty. 有英文基礎(認識26個英文字母,在飛機或高鐵上能自己順利找到座位15K在哪裡),願意學習新單字;看到單字似懂非懂不會唸的人更適合。
  • Basic network literacy. This is an ONLINE course which requires participants to actively engage with the Internet by themselves. 本課程為線上課程,參加者需有基本網路素養,能自行上網註冊教室網站,自行購買英文織圖,否則本課程並不適合。


Tresna shawl by Ysolda Knitting Tutorials(一絞線披肩英文織圖解析). 這個課程的目標是讓您透過一步步帶領的實作,織出英國設計師Ysolda Teague的Tresna shawl一絞線披肩,並在過程中學習相關編織英文的發音和針法,尤其是各種編織字彙用語的發音:看一位教學者的針法示範,您能學會一種方法,但如果學會了那個針法的英文字彙和發音,您就能利用網路上無窮盡的編織示範影片(大多數是英文發音),去找出最適合自己的方法。至少,我自己就是這樣學會編織的。

本課程影片為事先預錄,全部課程發音均以中文(國語、普通話)為主、英文為輔,課程摘要字幕為繁體中文與英文並用。 若是您時間較充裕/編織速度較快,那麼您可以自行往下織,立刻測試自己的學習成果,也可以複習一下教過的字彙與用語,試著自己讀讀看、寫寫看,這對於語言學習非常有幫助。如果您的時間不多/編織速度較慢,那麼也可以照著自己的步調進行。


The aim of this course is to guide you through EVERY step in knitting Ysolda Teague’s design Tresna shawl, a versatile ribbing hat pattern . During this course, you would learn relevant knitting English and stitches. Pronunciation will be a focus of this course. Stitch techniques may vary among knitting instructors, so if you can grasp the pronunciation , you will have access to plenty of knitting videos.

The course is pre-recorded. The course is conducted in Mandarin, with English and Traditional Chinese subtitles when necessary. You are encouraged to follow the course at your own learning pace.

The course content DO include knitting patterns. You can download both the English pattern and authorised Chinese translations of it.

Who this course is for:

  • Mandarin speakers who’d like to learn how to knit in English. 能說中文(國語,普通話),並想學習編織英文的人。
  • You can be either beginner or skilled knitters, as long as you want to learn Knitting in English! 編織新手或高手都可以,想透過自學挑戰英文織圖的人最適合!

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