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What you’ll learn

  • Become an expert in tuning the Tomcat 9 for performance on Tomcat
  • Become an expert in troubleshooting issues on Tomcat
  • Explore some of the performance optimizations and design patterns used in building highly scalable and performant software on Tomcat
  • Dig deep into high availability architecture configuration of Tomcat
  • Understand the optimization techniques and setting other important parameters on Tomcat
  • Will be able to create and manage virtual hosts in an shared hosting environment on Tomcat


  • Need to have completed Tomcat Basic to advanced course or have some idea of tomcat



Guys, this is VenkatRaman Venkatasubramanian, welcome to my course on Apache Tomcat Application Administration. Here we will learn Apache Tomcat Performance Turning – Hand’s On.

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Important Information about this training:

  • No reading from presentation, the architecture, the diagrams are self made all those words in your PDF too.
  • Only on Linux prod like environment using SSH terminal no GUI (only for browser, windows o/s will be used)
  • No Linux experience needed,
  • Commands and method of execution is given in the video & PDF is attached for the commands,
  • Just follow the video and execute the commands in the PDF.
  • You can learn basic Linux commands also in this training as I have covered all the basic commands while going though the training.

About The Course:

This course introduces the student to Apache Tomcat. Students will learn skills necessary to understand advanced level on Apache Tomcat concepts and administrative tasks on performance tuning. At the end of this course the student will learn how to tune tomcat for max performance and how to troubleshoot tomcat and prepare for interview questions.

This course is geared toward administrators, developers, or architects who are looking to understand performance tuning and troubleshooting in Apache Tomcat concepts and how to spin up a Apache Tomcat environment quickly.

Relax and enjoy this course.

Who can take this course:

  • Anyone, no experience needed to take up this course on Tomcat.

After finishing this course you will be:

  • Expert level in TOMCAT application server.
  • You can understand and resolve problems which is part of your TOMCAT application server.
  • As I am covering overview of the other components of your application server you can also have some experience on those topics as well.
  • You can troubleshoot TOMCAT and its related products.
  • You can fine tune TOMCAT and its related products.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn tomcat application server

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