Tiger Repeat Pattern and a 90 Day Journal

What you’ll learn

  • Create a Repeat Pattern using Procreate.
  • Learn different techniques in creating Tiger stripes for a repeat pattern.
  • Learn how to use your Repeat Pattern to create a Journal Cover in Procreate.
  • Learn how to use Page Assist in Procreate to create a 90 Page Journal.
  • Learn how to save and import a 90 Page Journal into a note taking app.


  • Tools being used will be Procreate App, IPad, stylus along with some free resources supplied. Students should have a basic knowledge of Procreate in order to take this class.


What is a repeat pattern and why should you learn to create one in Procreate?

A repeat pattern is a pattern that is created with the repetition of various designs. These repeat patterns can be repeated over and over to filler larger surface designs.

Repeat Patterns must fit side by side and still match up.

When you learn to create a repeat pattern, you can repeat the process to create using other patterns.

Repeat patterns are used to create the following:

  • fabric
  • wallpaper
  • curtains
  • cushions
  • pillows
  • totebags
  • clothing
  • tablecloth
  • sheets
  • bedspread
  • backpacks
  • purses
  • rugs
  • etc…are used to create the following:

In this class, we will create a Tiger Stripe Repeat Pattern in Procreate. We will create a 4” x 4” base and move it to a 12” x 12” document to perfect out design. We will use a Tiger Stripe Smooth Procreate Brush supply for this class, or you can use any favorite brush to create these stripes.

We will then use a Procreate supplied brush to give our Tiger Stripes that fuzzy fur look.

Once we have our repeat pattern complete, we will move on to creating our Journal page. We will then turn this into a 90 Page Journal using the Page Assist tool in Procreate.

After our 90 pages for our Journal is created, we will complete the look by creating a cover using the Tiger Repeat Pattern we created.

This is for you:

  • if you love using Procreate
  • would love to create a Repeat Pattern in Procreate
  • love animal prints like Tiger Stripes
  • want to learn how to create a journal using Page Assist in Procreate
  • want to be able to use a journal you created yourself
  • want to earn extra money by creating journals to sell

Ill be using the following tools:

  • iPad
  • Procreate App
  • Apple Pencil

Who this course is for:

  • This class is for anyone looking to create a repeat Tiger print pattern.
  • This class is for anyone wanting to learn the Page Assist Tool in Procreate.
  • This is for anyone interested in learning skills to create a digital product for personal use or to sell online.
  • This is for anyone wanting to create a 90 day Journal.

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