The Ultimate Production Planning Masterclass 2022

What you’ll learn

  • Complete overview of production scheduling fundamentals, including little’s law, setting up a bill of materials, and adjusting for yield
  • Learn critical production planning concepts, and practice building a schedule using takt time and lead times
  • Take your scheduling knowledge to the next level, by understanding how to calculate the assets and employees your production area needs to meet its goals
  • Understand value stream maps and use process maps to build production schedules


  • No experience needed. Exposure to production/manufacturing environments will help provide context.


The Ultimate Production Planning Masterclass 2022.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to enter the world of manufacturing. The instructor has packaged years of manufacturing experience into a concise but jam packed course. Students looking to get into production planning, scheduling, or industrial engineering should look no further.

The course is broken down into three sections:

Production Scheduling

In this section, students will learn the basics of scheduling products through a production system. The course covers building a bill of materials, determining lead times, understanding takt times, calculating WIP using Little’s Law, and accounting for production yield.

Resource Planning

Students will learn to identify shared assets in a production system, and understand how resource constraints may impact a build schedule.  This course uses value stream maps and process times from a real auto manufacturing process to expose students to real world problems.

Capacity Analysis

Students will master capacity planning for a factory based on scheduled product deliveries and process time estimates. This section includes real world examples where students will learn the step by step process of sizing a workforce and projecting equipment needs.

After taking this class, students will have a skillset that allows them to work in production planning or scheduling. This course touches on all the fundamentals covered in an industrial engineering degree, and is a great value for the amount of topics covered.   

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in boosting their industrial engineering and production scheduling knowledge. This course is great for individuals looking to transition into a production scheduling or planning role in manufacturing.

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