Personal Development

The Self-Improvement Blueprint

What you’ll learn

  • Discover how to take further responsibility in your personal or professional life
  • Discover a framework to categorize the main types of problems you have in life
  • Discover the dysfunctional mindsets you adopt that keep you from making progress
  • Discover how you pick up bad habits, procrastination or addictions and the means to overcome it
  • Discover how to take initiative instead so you can create the life you want
  • Learn to define your life vision and meaningful goals you’d want to accomplish
  • Discover how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Discover who you are at your core to live in accordance with your values


  • No previous self-improvement training is required to enroll in this course
  • Be open to a perspective change
  • 16 ebooks included to enhance your learning experience
  • Taking notes is advised for the topics that foster self-reflection
  • This course can be studied anywhere with a stable internet connection


The Self-Improvement Blueprint. So… How’s life? Did you get used to that dreadful job you didn’t really like but pays your bills? Did you let go of those nasty habits you promised yourself you’d quit times and again? Do your relationships get any better with time? And do you still believe that your circumstances are to blame for your predicament?

Self-improvement is made by people who change themselves as they become aware that the consequences of remaining the same compromises their future, takes something meaningful away from them, maybe their health, their mental or emotional balance, their relationships, their fulfillment at work…

Yet a lot of us remain in jobs or relationships we hate and would rather complain about how things are going instead of taking new initiatives. Instead, we indulge in apathy, procrastination and a variety of empty pleasures or addictions to experience a temporary relief that helps us to unhealthily cope with what we’re going through, while worsening the underlying issues we’re trying to escape from. Until we’re much more miserable five years down the line and full of regret and resentment. However, amidst the rise of anxiety, depression or disenchantment our generation is facing, we may wonder, what’s the alternative?

With this training that features the best practices of cognitive behavior therapybehavioral psychologyNLP and much more, you will:

  • Discover how to take further responsibility in your career or personal life
  • Discover a framework to categorize the main types of problems you have in life
  • Discover the dysfunctional mindsets you adopt that keep you from making progress
  • Discover how you pick up bad habits, procrastination or addictions and the means to overcome them
  • Learn how to derive more meaning out of life: define your life vision and desired goals and find the practical means to take action
  • Learn how to better manage your emotionsshift your mindset and behaviors to align them with who you could be
  • Discover how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to get on a path of self-improvement

This course is built to be pragmatic and to the point. Come and discover it by yourself, you can preview the first videos for free. When you subscribe to this training, you will have immediate access to a comprehensive educational content that includes, in addition to the videos, supporting documents to enhance your learning experience (16 ebooks in pdf format). You will also have access to all the updates to the content.

See you in the first video!


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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who feels they are in a job or relationships they don’t like
  • Anyone who wishes to derive more meaning out of life
  • People who wish to stop procrastinating or apathy
  • Anyone who wants to get on a path of self-improvement
  • People who wish to take further responsibility in their careers or personal lives
  • Anyone who wishes to adopt a growth mindset and better manage their emotions
  • Anyone who wants to challenge their deeply rooted limiting beliefs
  • Professionals, managers, employees, entrepreneurs, can all benefit from the teachings of this course

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