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The Learning Process

What you’ll learn

  • The steps to the learning process
  • How to study
  • How to maintain information learned
  • How to manage your environment


  • You will learn everything you need to know.


The Learning Process

This course is for learners looking to improve their learning. After taking this course, you will:

1. Have a better understanding of the learning process.

     Understanding the learning process is fundamental to efficient learning. Many students only complete parts of the learning process. Students often work hard at learning but do not get the expected outcomes. The poor outcomes can make academic progress difficult as courses often build on past courses. What are the stages of the learning process? How do these stages improve your learning efficiency? You will learn the answers to these questions when you learn more about the learning process.

2. Have a better understanding of how to study.

     Now that you have been taught the stages of learning, how do you apply them? In the section, I give a step-by-step practical guide you can easily follow. This guide naturally incorporates the learning process and is built to work with any material you are trying to learn.

3. Learn how to break out of the teaching content cycle and choose your own learning cycle.

     You will learn that the perspective of the teacher is very different from the student. Although they have the same goal: to have the student learn, the teacher teaches, and the student learns. These are very different processes. Unfortunately, most teachers are only taught how to teach (deliver content) and not how students learn. It thus falls to the student to learn how to learn.

4. Understand how your learning environment affects your learning.

     You also need to take a step by and consider how your environment affects your learning. Learners often overlook their learning environment. Your thoughts, friends, and physical environment all contribute to learning success.

Who this course is for:

  • For high school and college level learners

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