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The Complete Hydraulic Course Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Identify various Hydraulic components like Valves, Actuators, Filters etc.
  • Identify hydraulic fluids, leakages, seals and contaminations
  • Identify various hydraulic symbols and their meaning.
  • Draw various hydraulic circuits
  • Analyze hydraulic circuits
  • Troubleshoot the hydraulic circuits
  • Apply Pascal’s law in hydraulic applications.


  • No special requirements. Should have an interest in Mechanical Engineering/ Hydraulic Systems or Control Systems.
  • Basic knowledge of English.


The Complete Hydraulic Course This course is the simplest way to understand and apply hydraulic fundamentals. The course is starting with the concepts of hydraulics and covers all major aspects of fluids, valves and actuators.

The step-by-step approach is used for understanding the hydraulic symbols and sketching the circuits using the standard symbols. The course also covers analysis of some of the hydraulic circuits. Applications of the hydraulics is well explained in various sections.

Mathematical treatment is not given to any section so as to make the course easy to understand.

Troubleshooting part of hydraulic circuit is also included in the course to give practical touch.

This course covers following hydraulic fundamentals.

A: Hydraulic Basics:

  1. Introduction to concepts and fundamentals
  2. Pascal’s Law
  3. Basic Hydraulic Circuit
  4. Hydraulic Fluids & Requirements
  5. Oil Leakages
  6. Oil Seals
  7. Sources of Contamination
  8. Filters and Filter Locations
  9. Hydraulic Symbols

B: Control Valves

  1. Direction Control Valves
  2. Pressure Control Valves
  3. Flow Control Valves

C: Hydraulic Actuator

  1. Cylinder: Construction & Working
  2. Cylinder Types
  3. Cylinder Cushion
  4. Cylinder Stop Tube

D: Hydraulic Circuits

  1. Construction of Circuits
  2. Hydraulic Circuit Analysis

E: Troubleshooting

This course is well balanced to cover fundamentals of hydraulics to applications of hydraulics in the industry. It is very well suitable for the learners at the beginning level. Also suitable for the people working in hydraulic domain and wish to upskill themselves in hydraulics domain.

The students learning Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Controls Systems, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering must learn this course. Curriculum contents and requirements are considered from various reputed universities across the globe to frame the contents of this course.

This course also provides all the insight of hydraulic symbols, sketching the circuits and circuit analysis.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is extremely useful for Mechanical, Production, Electronics, Automobile Engineering, Instrumentation, Control Engineering students of various universities.
  • Very useful for the fresh Engineers willing to start their career in industries.
  • Industry workmen/ associates who are working in industries and willing to improve their skills in hydraulics.
  • Fresh engineering graduates working in mechanical/ hydraulic system design.
  • Maintenance team in industry responsible for hydraulic machines/systems maintenance.
  • Mechanical diploma students.

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