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Technical Writing Demystified Free

What you’ll learn

  • Technical Writing Demystified Free
  • Learn to value the importance of planning in documentation projects
  • Learn what is information gathering
  • Learn some principles and techniques to overcome writer’s block
  • Learn to edit documents and about editing passes
  • Understand the place of navigational aids in documents, including Table of Contents and Index


  • Good command of English
  • Healthy dose of curiosity about technology and about life in general
  • Tertiary qualifications help (and are usually required by employers)


  • You are a technical writer who wants to improve your skills?
  • You are someone who wants to become a technical writer?
  • Maybe you have just heard about technical writing and want to know if this is a career for you.

Technical Writing Demystified If any of this describes you, then this course is for you.

This course is geared to help aspiring tech writers begin their careers with confidence. It imparts knowledge and skills that tech writers usually learn the hard way—picking them up randomly from trainings and from colleagues almost by accident. This course brings this valuable information to you in simple, bite-sized lessons.

The course begins with a set of short introductory lectures—introducing the series, the instructor, and technical writing itself. The course then moves on to discuss core topics—Document Life Cycle, Gathering Information, Overcoming Writer’s Block, Editing and Editing Passes. The course also covers document aspects—Front Matter, Navigational Aids and Numbering Systems, TOC, and Index.

No technical writer, however experienced, can know all there is to know about this exciting subject of Technical Writing. However, this course is the sharing of one tech writer’s experience and knowledge. She welcomes you to share in her experience, seeing the world through her lens, in the hope that this will inspire you to make a successful career for yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to write effectively (professionals, university students, anyone)
  • Aspiring tech writers
  • Beginner tech writers

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