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Tarot 101 – Everything you need to know to read tarot cards

What you’ll learn

  • How to read tarot cards
  • How to become an independent tarot card reader
  • Understanding basic symbolism
  • Tarot spreads & interpretations


  • Having a tarot deck is not required but helpful. No specific deck or tarot knowledge required.
  • Free pdf document available with course


Tarot 101 – Everything you need to know to read tarot cards. Hi there and welcome to Tarot 101! In this course we’ll cover everything you need to know to read the tarot cards. Each chapter is relatively short with simple explanations so that the information can be easily absorbed.

Basic symbolism can take an inexperienced tarot card reader from absolute beginner to completely independent. Each chapter of the course explains the ideas behind the basic symbols in the cards by looking at numbers, colours, the elements and of course, the cards themselves. By understanding these you can focus on the fun part of reading tarot – learning from experience – rather than spending the beginning of your tarot journey sifting through guides and definitions and trying to figure out which is relevant to your reading.

By building a solid foundation in symbolism you have an easy starting point that you can build upon. All tarot readers are always learning from experience. Reading the cards is an art form. Over time you develop a personal language with the cards and with each reading your tarot vocabulary expands. Don’t waste your time learning the wrong things and getting stuck, build a solid foundation from the beginning.

What is covered in the course:

1 – Getting Started: Helpful points to keep in mind before you even begin reading

2 – What is The Tarot: History of the tarot and a description of how the cards are structured

3 – Minor Arcana: Basics behind the minor arcana cards, the suits and their four elements

4 – Numbers: Symbolism of numbers (numerology) + examples of how they work within each of the minor suits

5 – Colours: Symbolism of colours and chakras

6 – Court Card Basics: Basic structure and meanings behind the court cards

7 – Court Card Characters: Meet and understand all the different characters that make up the court cards

8 – Major Arcana Basics: Basic structure and meanings behind the major arcana

9 – The Hero’s Journey: Description of the Hero’s Journey as the story unfolds through the major arcana cards

10 – Major Arcana Meanings: A description of each of the major arcana cards and their meanings

11 – Reading The Cards: Tricks to use for interpreting your cards

12 – Spreads: Cover three useful card spreads and examples using everything we have learned in the course

Let’s have some fun & begin your tarot journey in the smartest, easiest way!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner tarot readers who want to learn tarot by building a solid foundation the easiest, smartest way.
  • Go from absolute beginner to independent tarot card reader using basic symbolism

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