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What you’ll learn

  • Tally
  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • TDS


  • No Programming Experience needed. You will Learn everything you need to know about Accounting.


Tally Course Highlights Tally With Tax

  1. When Client Comes to you ??
  2. Whether I start Business in
    – Proprietorship
    – Partnership
    – Private Limited
    – HUF
  3. How to read Pan Card?? / Pan Card from what is TAN no. ??
  4. What is Tax / Assessment year / Previous year / HUF Tax calculate
  5. What is GST / GST Registration
  6. Registration ??Course Highlight
  7. Tally new Company /Shut CO./ Alter CO. / Restore / Back up
  8. How to create ledger ?
  9. Input Tax Credit ( GST )
  10. GST Credit Course Highlight
  11. Tax Audit Section 44AD / 44AE
  12. TDS Rates / TDS 26AS , Depreciation Rates TDS Entries Pass
  13. Tally Practical Entries Pass (Sale, Purchase , Bank OD )
  14. How to Prepare Balance sheet ??
  15. E-way Bill Course Highlight
  16. Complete Introduction About GST Portal??
  17. How to Make GST Registration ??
  18. How to File GST Return ??
  19. How to Calculate Tax on Agricultural Income?? Course Highlight
  20. Difference Between Direct Tax & Indirect Tax??
  21. Income Tax Calculation off
  22. I . Individual
    II. Company
    III. Partnership
  23. Surcharge Calculation
  24. Overview of Complete GST from basic Course Highlight
  25. Tally Entries Provisions e,g, Section 40 A(2) ,40 A (3)
  26. E-way bill
  27. Working of GST R 2B in details
  28. How to File GSTR- 1 & 3B
  29. Procedure for the Calculation of GST
  30. How to File Highlight-10 ( Final Return )Course Hightlights
  31. Overview – Overview of all Sections
  32. TDS
  33. TDS Payable & Receivable Entry
  34. TDS Return

What Students Will Learn from This Course

  • GST Registration and Cancellation (Practical Knowledge)
  • How to File GST Returns ( GSTR 1, 2A, 2B, 3B) (Practical Knowledge)
  • E- Way Bill Preparation and Cancellation (Practical Knowledge)
  • TDS all section, Working, Filing of TDS return (24Q & 26Q)
  • With this Course you can become a Perfect Professional Accountant with your Tax Knowledge
  • Examples of Practical Bills (Sales, Purchase, Bank, TDS, Debit Note, Credit Note entries, Credit Card, Bank OD, Current Accounting entries etc)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Graduation
  • Accountants

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