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Solo Tantra & Beyond: Foundation of Meditations & Practices

What you’ll learn

  • Intro to the main segments of Tantra to build a foundation
  • The 99.5% beyond Tantric sex
  • Four types of meditation to practice
  • 14+ exercises covering all aspects of Tantra
  • Experience an increase sexual energy and become multi-orgasmic (men and women)
  • Develop a daily and weekly practice deeply set
  • Find if Tantra is right for you or another system instead?
  • Beginners and Intermediate practices beyond just yoga or guided meditation- challenge & grow!


  • Commit to doing exercises (not just watching) 14-30 days are recommended
  • Understand that the real definition of Tantra is not sex and this course only offers 1/9 lessons on the sexuality
  • Stick with process of becoming multi-orgasmic or NOFAP (men: if that is a goal)


Solo Tantra & Beyond: Foundation of Meditations & Practices. This video course will give you a strong foundation to real Tantra exercises that will create self-growth in numerous ways by the end of the lessons. The lessons are divided in the 9 segments of practices. We do not do philosophy or history.  Practice will be needed… but it will be fun, rewarding, and healing. You will be given the gifts of feeling energy, being sharper of mind, having less mental chatter, fitter, and using energy to be multi-orgasmic. Whether this is a 30 day self-growth program for you or an introduction to further Tantra, you will have an understanding of Tantra having done hours of exercises. The lessons are taught with detail but straight to the point.

Numerous hours of additional resources are available. The instructor has taught hundreds of students in-person who came to Tantra for all reasons possible.

Ask Debra Wilder questions: Private messages and community discussion questions are all answered to assist you.

Please read all of the descriptions of the videos. There is misinformation of Tantra being just tantric techniques. In this course, you will finish with a well-rounded base of knowledge and experience. It covers all of the main aspects of Tantra which have been divided into nine segments- the 9 B’s. Tantra is far more than is taught to the mainstream or mistaken in the news or by misleading teachers.

This course is mostly about solo Tantra which is what Debra specializes in. A few partner practice options are added.

Key exercises you will learn: Meditations, yantra, mantra, mudra, bandha, solo cultivation exercise, gazing, breathing exercises, yoga asanas, energy balance, chakra sound healing, initiation meditation, abstract meditation, and more.

Even if you walk away wanting to only continue one segment then the course will be far more than worth trying.

It would take 1,000’s hours of video to learn all of Tantra plus an in-person teacher to do certain things safely. This course teaches you a full well-rounded practice foundation. We do not stop at meditation or philosophy.

This course will not cover “advanced” or dangerous practices that should only be done with in-person guidance. It offers all you need for a great base of practice with intuition to go in your correct direction of further studies.

This course is designed to be easy to follow without being overly time-consuming. After completion, you will be able to decide which of the practices (or all) are right for you to continue weekly and daily. This is for everyone: singles, coupled, LGBTQ+, and even those on celibate break.

Most people will need to do the course lessons multiple times to feel the full benefits of energetic practices. Some will have a breakthrough the first time. The goal is to feel explosive energy in the spine or hands or the whole body. The esoteric system takes experience should not have a goal. Bliss will come.

This is a course to do many times with practice not just once through. Practice more to understand and feel more.

Answering of questions by messaging is included.

About the teacher:

Debra has been a Tantra teacher for 10 plus years first trained in India. She is honored to be able to teach here online so that she can share the benefits of Tantra with more people. She offers intermediate teachings on her SoloTantra website and continues to work on more Udemy courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner students of Tantra or under two years of practice
  • Those wanting to explore more than Neo-Tantra
  • Tech people that just want different meditation and relaxation tools for our creative, focused minds

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