Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft

What you’ll learn

  • Draw a magickal Sigil (or Symbol).
  • Know how to prepare a magickal ritual, including a simple room cleansing, how to create an Altar, how to invite Spirits who can help you with your ritual.
  • Learn about the Elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and about colours that can help you to manifest.
  • Perform a magickal ritual in helping you manifest your wishes.


  • You need a pen, and paper, and maybe some items for an altar, like a cloth, a candle, a feather, a stone and a bottle of water.
  • Have a basic understanding of Witchcraft.
  • Have some experiences with energy work, like Reiki, or Shamanism.


Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft. This is our special course in learning a really powerful method of witchcraft. We have used this quite often to help us manifest our goals and wishes. 

This magickal method is called Sigil Magick and it is a very old ritual, often used in the middle ages. 

The word Sigil comes from the Latin language which means Picture or Seal. 

When we say Magick, we don’t mean something you would see in a fairy tale. For us it means a practical tool to put out the energy to reach your goal. 

We all know that the written word is the first manifestation. And this is what Sigil Magick is all about. You still need to take action and you need to be open for opportunities.

We will be guiding you through this fun little course and you will get a magickal tool that can help you manifest your wishes. 

You will learn the basic method of how to create a Sigil, and we will show you how to include Sigil Magick in a magical ritual.

This course is for everyone who likes or practices witchcraft. 

You don’t need to have any experiences with witchcraft to start this. The only thing you need to know is what you want to manifest in your life. 

Note: This course is not based on any religion, or tradition. We don’t disregard any traditions and rules, but the way we practice Sigil Magick is based on our individual experience and experiments.

See you in our circle.

And So Be It

Lina and Daniela

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in practicing Witchcraft.
  • If you love working with symbols, or sigils.
  • If you are an energy healer, or light worker

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