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SAP Technical Security

What you’ll learn

  • Identify common vulnerabilities in SAP system
  • Protect SAP system against common attacks
  • Increase awareness of technical security in SAP area
  • Understand the security aspects of selected SAP components


  • SAP knowledge – foundamental level
  • Intrest in technical aspect of SAP security


SAP Technical Security

This course covers the technical aspect of the SAP security.  I will go through several well known technical vulnerabilities and I will demonstrate how they can be remediated and why they are dangerous.

As part of this training I will cover also RFC and RFC gateway security. I will discuss the different ACL files and explain how they should be configured and what can happen if they are not.

System logging is another topic. Security Audit log is not the only log that is relevant for security. Additional logs are needed and we will have a look what they are and how they should be configured.

I also describe how the SAP WebDispatcher and the SAP GUI should be protected.

Here are the highlights of the course:

   Section 1: Introduction
   Section 2: Passwords and Password Hashes
   Section 3: RFC Security
   Section 4: Security Logs
   Section 5: WebDispatcher
   Section 6: SAP GUI

Who this course is for:

  • SAP Basis consultants – you will learn quite interesting security aspects of the things you already know.
  • SAP Security and SAP Authorization consultants – you will learn the technical aspect of the SAP security.
  • SAP system owner and SAP Manager – you most likely you believe that your SAP system is secure. This training will help you to verify it and also challenge your teams.

Who this course is for:

  • SAP Basis Consultants (all levels)
  • SAP Security consultants
  • Corporate Security
  • SAP Manager

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