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SAP BW4HANA 2.0 SP07 Masterclass | Hands ON Training

What you’ll learn

  • Modelling with new objects like Composite Provider, ADSOs, Enhanced Master Data
  • Working with new Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) ++ concepts
  • Data life cycle maintenance in BW/4HANA 2.0 with DTO (Data Tiering Optimization)
  • Working with new ODP framework with ODQMON
  • Learn to create and use Core Data Services (CDS) Extractors
  • Learn to create ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP)
  • Working with Native HANA views and Mixed/Hybrid Scenario
  • Creation of Process Chain in BW4HANA Cockpit (New UI)
  • Working with Inventory data in BW4HANA 2.0
  • Learn about Snapshot Support, Stock Coverage features in BW4HANA 2.0
  • Lots of useful Tcodes with BW4HANA 2.0
  • Creating and using Customer exit in BW4HANA 2.0
  • How Semantic Group (SEGR) works


  • Basic understanding of SAP BW
  • Basic understanding of OO ABAP
  • Access to BW4HANA system (if you want to practice), we don’t provide server


SAP BW4HANA 2.0 SP07 Masterclass | Hands ON Training. If you want to understand latest SAP BW4HANA 2.0 (BW/4HANA 2.0) ,  you should subscribe to this course.

We will be covering all features in detail and completely hands-on

You need to have prior understanding of SAP BW, and basics of OO ABAP.

We will be covering below topics :

– Background of HANA

– History of SAP BW

– SAP BW4HANA 2.0 Architecture

– Details of New Object in SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– How to start with Eclipse/HANA Studio ( Complete Walkthrough)

– Detailed Walkthrough of BW4HANA 2.0 Cockpit (it has new UI)

– How to work with Infobject with new interface

– How to maintain data in Infobject

– How to use new features in Infobject like Enhanced Master Data Maintenance

– Types of new ADSO and how different these are from each other

– Create and maintain Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) ++ in BW4HANA 2.0

– How open ODS works and how to use it

– SAP BW4HANA 2.0 Data Life Cycle maintenance with Data Tiering Optimization (DTO)

– How ODP Framework works, learn about ODQMON

– Create Core Data Services (CDS) based Extractor

– Learn to use ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP) in SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Creation of Composite Provider

– How Semantic Group (SEGR) works

– New features of Transformation and DTP in SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Query creation SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Customer exit for Query in SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Native HANA view Creation

– Working with BW4HANA and Native HANA Mixed/Hybrid Scenario

– Process Chain creation with new UI i.e with BW4HANA cockpit

– Working with Inventory objects in BW4HANA 2.0

– Learn how new feature like Snapshot Support works in SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Stock Coverage with Infobject

– Learn useful tcodes for SAP BW4HANA 2.0

– Learn about Standard BI Content

If you have any Questions, Please ask in QnA section or reach out to us.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn BW4HANA 2.0
  • SAP Managers, Program Managers, Solution Architects, Technical Architect, SAP developers

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