Sacred Healing Techniques

What you’ll learn

  • How to create the right setting for healing
  • The importance of a sacred space
  • How to active a 12th dimensional shield of light around you
  • How to relate to Source for a Healing session
  • How to heal with the power of Divine Grace
  • How to heal with colors
  • How to heal with the elements
  • How to heal with the Golden Ray of Illahi Noor
  • How to heal with symbols
  • How to heal with your hands
  • How to heal with your breath
  • How to heal with sound waves
  • How to practice Quantum Healing
  • How to use DNA codes to enhance your healing channel
  • How to use healing frequencies for the different bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • A coherent basic and intermediate protocol for healing session
  • How to support healing integration
  • How to support your healee client


  • No prerequisite for this class but it is related to Illahi Noor, Energy testing techniques and Energetic Diagnostics classes on Udemy


Sacred Healing Techniques

Practical tools and guidelines to heal yourself and others

Everyone is a healer. Every healing journey is a self-healing experience.

Each of us has the ability to heal as this is our birth´s right.

In this class, we will learn how to become the healer that we are. Based on my 20+ years’ experience of giving healing sessions in presence and remotely, I want to offer some practical easy tools and techniques that will support your healing journey. These are open-source healing channels that are non-religious and non-dogmatic.

If you have taken my Energetic Diagnostics class, this is the logical sequel, but this class can be taken separately.

Any healing technique can be used for yourself and for healing others.

What will you learn:

· What is actually healing

· How to create the right set up for a safe and powerful healing session

· How to shield yourself up for integrity and protection

· How to involve Spirit and Source in your healing space

· The power of your intention

· How to heal with the power of Divine Grace

· How to heal with colors

· How to heal with the Elements

· How to heal with the Golden Ray of Illahi Noor

· How to do hands on healing

· How to practice Quantum Healing

· How to use symbols for healing

· How to use sound waves for healing

· DNA codes to enhance your healing potential

· How to heal with your breath

· How to practically heal the physical, emotional, mental bodies

· How to clear the astral and karmic body

· How to deal with ancestral lineages

· How to work with obsolete vows

· How to deal with entities

· A basic protocol for coherent and safe healing

· Clues to evolve your skills as a healer

· Integration grids

· How to follow up with a client and advice them

This class will give you enough tools and guidelines to get started on your own healing journey and once you get enough confidence will allow you to hold a healing space for others.

Healing is not much about the techniques used, it is about the alignment and coherence of our intentions and actions.

Do you feel ready and excited about this healing journey?

Join us!


Demian Haye

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to deepen their healing knowledge and abilities
  • Anyone who wants to heal themselves
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to heal others in a safe way
  • Anyone who wants to bring more tools to their healing practice
  • Anyone who is curious about what healing actually is
  • Anyone who wants to be sovereign in their own ability to transform and grow!

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