Rock Guitar Legato Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Rock Guitar Legato Masterclass
  • Learn how to play 10 Legato Guitar Exercises and 10 Guitar Licks
  • Learn how to apply 10 Legato Guitar Exercises and 10 Guitar Licks
  • Learn how to create Legato Guitar Licks based off of Legato Guitar Exercises
  • Learn how to play a Legato based Guitar Solo
  • Expand your creativity


  • It is strongly recommended to know the 3 note per string scale shapes before starting. Although they are provided if needed.


In this course you will learn all the steps necessary to become a master at Legato.

From learning more basic legato exercises, to creating your own licks, and finally how to apply them to a song or solo format.

The course consists of 3 sections that are divided into more than 72 different examples!

The first section is Exercises:

In this section you can find 10 different Legato based exercises that span from basic warm-ups and common movements to more signature and custom created exercises. All 10 of these exercises are displayed all over the different positions of the fretboard.

The second section is Guitar Licks:

The cool thing about these licks is that they were all created with the Exercises from Section #1. This way you learn how to create your own licks based on common Legato movements. Further customizing your playing and adjusting it to your own style.

The third and final section is a Guitar Solo:

This solo is also created with the same set of moves from section #1. This way you get a feel for some of the things that you can do with these exercises. This way the exercises feel more musical instead of just simple exercises.

If you follow everything correctly you will understand the full process of integrating new movements and licks into your playing by the end of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate and advanced guitar players looking to create and/or expand their Legato technique and vocabulary.
  • Students of the guitar looking for a way to apply guitar exercises in a more practical and musical fashion.

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