Personal Development

ReMagic Your Self Free

What you’ll learn

  • Acquire more personal power and personal freedom by unleashing a greater part of yourself
  • Reactivate your dormant magic put to hibernation by the matrix
  • Discern the world and people around you with expanded insight and clarity
  • Learn a solid but flexible framework of magic that you can adapt to your own philosophies and purposes
  • Use your new magical knowing as a basis for decisions and choices – at every level
  • Perceive – and live – daily life through a magical lens
  • Reframe the mundane and routine with epic meaning and purpose
  • Enrich the quality of your life by reclaiming a lost part of yourself
  • ReMagic Your Self Free


  • An inexplicable yearning for something that feels lost but that you can’t identify
  • A willingness to do the work to reclaim your power
  • A strong sense that the world not quite being what it seems to be
  • Light-hearted seriousness and a sense of adventure


ReMagic Your Self This is NOT a unicorns and pixie course, nor is this a ‘new age’ love and light course. It’s also not about any particular system of Magic.  You won’t find any rituals or spells or anything Wiccan.

This course is mainly about inner transformation and the structure and principles of magic which you can apply to your own preferred system.

Magic is woven from the many Forces of Life.

Make no mistake. MAGIC EQUALS POWER. There is a direct correlation.

The skilful use of magic leads to a satisfyingly EPIC life … a life that is juicy, meaningful, heroic, expansive, and adventurous.

ReMagicing Your Self is transformative. It alters your psychology and how you see the world. Your life becomes larger and you become a more active agent in how you live your life.

This has been a fascinating course to create, and I hope that you find it enchanting to take. Yes. Literally. Enchanting … unfolding a latent mindset, a  passive perspective, a dormant part of yourself that has been waiting … maybe for lifetimes … to be released and set free.


I teach Personal Power in the epic context of Angels, Gods, & Aliens. I inspire Warriors, Magicians & Tricksters to uncover and fulfil their mission for a Higher Cause to their utmost capacity.

Who this course is for:

  • You, if you don’t quite feel human and find life to be somewhat dull and boring
  • You, if you sense that you actually belong to a greater story than what’s evident around you
  • You, if you feel you have a legacy you need to leave behind, that you were born for something MORE than this
  • You, if you love to dabble in mysteries and read fantasies and science fiction, which probably feel more true than the surface reality
  • You, if you feel ready to get out of your cramped birdcage and SOAR

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