Personal Development

Rediscover your life purpose, confidence and the real YOU Free

What you’ll learn

  • Rediscover your life purpose, confidence and the real YOU !
  • Discover their authenticity and direction in life.
  • Reconnect with your true nature and those that you love and matter in your life.
  • Find you ability to communicate through creativity and expression.
  • Increase self belief and confidence and learn to do the things that you have been putting off.
  • Self esteem issues relating to any perceived childhood traumas.
  • Father Daughter relationships, Divorced Dad’s relationships with child/children/loved ones.


  • None, This is a guided course requiring only a sense of awareness of circumstances.


Rediscover your life purpose, confidence and the real YOU ! Have you struggled with your path in life ? Not fulfilling or at least following your dreams, passions and interests ? Have you just adapted and survived in roles in order to pay the bills ?

It is my belief that we all have the answers and clear path within in our own DNA, however, through a lack of nurture, support and guidance, mainly during our formative years, we have got lost, this is not always done with intent, however, more through over protection and misguided traditional from our parents or caregivers.

‘The Letter’ is a unique 7 step process that guides you through a series of insights that will help you recreate your own story through awareness, realisation and provide you with solutions to reclaim your independence, clarity and as a result self belief and confidence.

Blending my own stories, insights and expression as a guide to help you create your own pathway and as a result gain the realisation, insight and validation to recreate the best version of yourself, resulting in a more positive outlook leading to better relationships with your loved ones and in your life in general.

The process will help you discover your ‘Inner Hero’, as well as clarity of purpose and reconnection with those that you love.

What previous participants have said about ‘The Letter’ online course

“This course was truly liberating ! “

Gary. J. London. UK


” This course has been a blessing in many ways. Thank you Mark for putting it all together and your inspired action. . Much love and gratitude”.

Andrea. B . Idaho. US

Business Owner, Education.

“Really happy to have joined you on your programme Mark. Your work is deeply impactful and a precious gift in a legacy of love! I’m excited to see how it flourishes! Bravo!”

Odette.W. Dublin, Ireland


“The course had a structure and I could see cleary where it was going and what the outcome would be. This was better than any other form of personal development programme I previously experienced”.

Rita. H. Budapest, Hungary

Business owner.

” I found Mark’s “Letter” process to be insightful, enlightening and illuminating and was a great help in defining and affirming my life direction at this current time. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Ed. W. Cardiff, Wales.

Environmental Engineer

” Having taken the course I can truly recommend it to anyone who is having life direction issues and particularly in terms of relationships. Thank you !”

Anna Maria.B – Vancouver, Canada.


Who this course is for:

  • Those who are confused and dissatisfied with their current situation, work, lifestyle and relationships
  • Single parents, parents, those in midlife, those lacking in self belief and confidence
  • People who have lost direction in their life and feel overwhelmed
  • Parents and grandparents that have lost connection with their children, grandchildren due to breakdown in relationships.

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