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Question Papers in LaTeX

What you’ll learn

  • Typing different types of questions such as MCQ, Fill in the blanks, Subjective, etc.,
  • Crash course on LaTeX
  • Typing & formatting your question paper using exam class
  • Dynamic numbering, labelling, referencing questions
  • Hands on Projects


  • Just enthusiasm to learn


Question Papers in LaTeX. LaTeX is a typesetting software which has turned the way that any word processor does the job.  It is merely a text file, which makes almost never corrupted and easy to manage its versions (I have 103 different versions of my PHD thesis!) using git or any other version control systems. It is very powerful to handle big projects with lots of pages, takes care of the automatic numbering of equations, figures, tables, etc.,

of course, the table of contents in a matter of single like code. Long story short, you just need LaTeX in your machine to do all wonders in your document without falling into any troubles on formatting or cross referencing or  indexing or making bibliographies.

In this course, we will be looking at making use of our LaTeX skills to make a pretty good looking, well formatted question papers. This course is not just limited to math professors/teachers and engages the non-math teachers as well. Infact, the first project is just typing a social science quesiton paper. In our advanced projects, we will be creating a class file for our institution so that all teachers follow a same template, in which, we will automate the moderation process, meta data on the questions, printing labels for the covers, etc.,

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers
  • Academicians
  • Anyone who is interested in perfection in their question paper

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