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Qigong for Overcoming Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships Free

What you’ll learn

  • Qigong for Overcoming Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships Free
  • Calm and reduce anxiety responses with simple, accessible movements
  • Create better boundaries for yourself
  • Learn to receive the incoming without engaging and pushing back
  • Increase your internal “Qi” life energy for improved strength, health, balance and peace


  • No prerequisites required. This course is appropriate to all levels. No equipment needed and no getting up and down off of the floor. Can be performed seated if needed.


Qigong for Overcoming Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships Being in a relationship with someone who has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder can wreak havoc on our self worth and our lives. In many ways we are unaware of the many effects it has on us and our well being.

Whether you are currently in a toxic relationship or are a survivor of a narcissistic personality disorder parent/spouse/friend, this course provides coping tools and a healing mechanism for breaking free of the unhealthy patterns that have been engrained in us.

The Qigong movements in this course are specifically designed to help calm you, strengthen you (both internally and externally) and to help you establish and maintain strong boundaries to protect yourself. Most importantly, these gentle, easy-to-learn movements will help you to love and value yourself.

The movements in this course include the following five powerful elements:

Grounding – for stabilizing and acknowledging yourself and the right to own your own space. This assists you in remaining rooted in self-worth and your own reality when faced with narcissists strategies such as gaslighting and narcissistic rage.

Breathing – How we breath has a direct effect on our nervous system. When we learn to breath low and slow, we reduce the stress hormones in our body – cortisol and adrenal. Moving out of the flight or fight response helps us to respond according to OUR needs rather than to the manipulations of the narcissist in our life. Through breathing, we can reduce the engrained response of anxiety. Using these breathing movements will preserve your health and provide better clarity when dealing with the narcissist in your life.

Protecting – When attacked by a narcissist, we often forget or ignore the most important thing we should do – protect and care for ourselves. In this course, we learn a movement that is based in martial art and is a form of both protection and embracing ourselves. We learn to ward off and protect, metaphorically and physically.

Releasing – This course provides two specific movements for letting go of all the pent up anger, to lift up and release heavy burdens, to expel frustrations, and to recognize what is our responsibility… and what is not.

Connecting – In these movements, we connect to a higher source. We recognize that we truly are not alone. We raise our energy frequency so we are no longer weighed down by heavy energy, and instead are lifted up to a higher, pure universal energy source that helps us through our most challenging times. When we recognize, let go and connect to that which is beyond ourselves, we are given resources to cope, manage and overcome.

Enjoy these simple, but deep movements to grow and break free.

Enjoy. Live life…your life.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone interested in Qigong and reducing stress. Speficially for those overcoming or dealing with a toxic or narcissistic relationship. Daughters of Narcissist Mothers. If you are in a challenging relationship, this course will help you cope and build strategies.

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