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Python programming aktu cse 4th semester

What you’ll learn

  • Introductions and basics
  • Conditional and Loops
  • Functions and Strings
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes & file I/O
  • Iterator and recursion


  • No programming experience need for learning this course
  • You should be necessary to quality to learn this course for cse 4th semester


Python programming aktu cse 4th semester. Introduction: The Programming Cycle for Python , Python IDE, Interacting with Python Programs , Elements of Python, Type Conversion.

Basics: Expressions, Assignment Statement, Arithmetic Operators, Operator Precedence, Boolean Expression

Conditionals: Conditional statement in Python (if-else statement, it’s working and execution), Nested-if statement and Elif statement in Python, Expression Evaluation & Float Representation.Loops: Purpose and working of loops, While loop including its working, For Loop, Nested Loops, Break and Continue.

Function: Parts of A Function, Execution of A Function, Keyword and Default Arguments, Scope Rules.

Strings : Length of the string and perform Concatenation and Repeat operations in it, Indexing and Slicing of Strings.

Python Data Structure : Tuples, Unpacking Sequences, Lists, Mutable Sequences, List Comprehension, Sets, Dictionaries. Higher Order Functions: Treat functions as first class Objects, Lambda Expressions.

Sieve of Eratosthenes: generate prime numbers with the help of an algorithm given by the Greek Mathematician named Eratosthenes, whose algorithm is known as Sieve of Eratosthenes.

File I/O : File input and output operations in Python Programming. Exceptions and Assertions Modules : Introduction, Importing Modules.

Abstract Data Types : Abstract data types and ADT interface in Python Programming.

Classes : Class definition and other operations in the classes, Special Methods (such as _init_, _str_, comparison methods and Arithmetic methods etc.), Class Example, Inheritance, Inheritance and OOP.

Iterators & Recursion: Recursive Fibonacci, Tower Of Hanoi. Search : Simple Search and Estimating Search Time, Binary Search and Estimating Binary Search Time.

Sorting & Merging : Selection Sort, Merge List, Merge Sort, Higher Order Sort.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner python learners learn whole python programming language
  • Collage student cse branch

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