Python for Everyone – The Crown Course for Coding Mastery

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn Python from Beginner to advanced.
  • You will learn to use python for computer programming and Application Development
  • You will learn a method to come up with logics to solve any programming task.
  • You will learn how python is used to develop all the modern applications
  • Learn to use Python professionally, learning Python 3!
  • Possess the skills and understanding of Python to confidently apply for Python programming jobs
  • Learn Object-oriented Programming using python
  • Get familiar with Data Structures using Python


  • Desktop or Laptop needed
  • Internet Connection
  • Understand English Language


Python for Everyone. Be the King/Queen in Python. Learn from Basics to Advanced. Learn the thinking process for programming and code with ease. This course helps you to be an exemplar in the programming Industry and have a great career flow with newly equipped python skills and improved logical thinking ability.

Python for everyone – The Crown Course for Coding Mastery


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1:

Introduction to Programming

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Lecture 2:

Introduction to Python

Section 2: Python Basics

Lecture 3:


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Lecture 4:

Hello World! – Python Printing

Lecture 5:

Formatted Printing in Python

Lecture 6:

More Formatting & More Printing

Lecture 7:


Lecture 8:

Multiple Variable Handling

Lecture 9:


Lecture 10:

Type Casting

Section 3: String Handling and DataTypes

Lecture 11:


Lecture 12:

String Slicing

Lecture 13:

String In-built Functions & Concatenation

Lecture 14:

Data Types – Lists & Tuples

Lecture 15:

Lists – Inbuilt functions & other operations

Lecture 16:

List and Tuple Functionalities

Lecture 17:


Lecture 18:


Section 4: Conditionals and Loops

Lecture 19:


Lecture 20:

Ternary and Conditional Operators

Lecture 21:


Lecture 22:

Nested Loops & Pattern Programs

Lecture 23:

Python Star Pattern Programs

Lecture 24:

Star Pyramid Pattern Program

Lecture 25:

Number Pyramid patterns

Lecture 26:

End of Pattern Programs (Rhombus/Parallelogram), Loops

Section 5: Functions

Lecture 27:

In-Built Functions

Lecture 28:

Functions and Parameters

Lecture 29:

Recursive Functions

Lecture 30:

Lambda Functions

Section 6: Classes, Objects, & Inheritance

Lecture 31:

Classes intro

Lecture 32:


Lecture 33:

Functions in Classes

Lecture 34:

Self Key Word – Classes

Lecture 35:

Python Classes Vehicle Class Example Program

Lecture 36:

Intro to Inheritance

Lecture 37:

Constructor and Super Inheritance

Lecture 38:

Hierarchical Inheritance in python

Lecture 39:

Multi-Level Inheritance

Lecture 40:

Multiple Inheritance

Lecture 41:

Hybrid Inheritance

Section 7: Packages – Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scipy, Modules

Lecture 42:

Intro to NumPy & Broadcasting

Lecture 43:

NumPy Arrays & Matrices

Lecture 44:

Matrix Properties

Lecture 45:

Pandas – DataFrames

Lecture 46:

Data Cleaning using Pandas

Lecture 47:

Matplotlib – Line Plot, Bar Plot, and Scatter Plot

Lecture 48:

Matplotlib – Histograms, and Pie Charts

Lecture 49:

SciPy Package

Lecture 50:


Lecture 51:

Modules & User Defined functions, packages

Lecture 52:

Classes in Modules

Section 8:Data Structures

Lecture 53:

Creation of a Linked List

Lecture 54:

Traversing a Linked List

Lecture 55:

Inserting at the beginning of the Linked List

Lecture 56:

Inserting at the end of the Linked List

Lecture 57:

Insert in between two nodes in a Linked List

Happy Learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Humans or Bots interested to learn programming using python.

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