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  • There are no pre-requisites for this course
  • Come with an open mind to learn each Project Charter concept in thorough detail



2.5 official PDUs/CPDs/CEUs are available upon request by completing the Project Charter Specialist Certification Course. AIGPE™ is the Authorized Training Partner of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) (Provider No. 5573). The PMI® Authorized Training Partner Seal is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. This Project Charter Specialist Certification Course is accredited by the internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service (Provider No: 14627, Certificate No: A029014-17).

Want to become a Project Charter Specialist? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are working in a manufacturing or a service organization or executing a small project or a big project, the first document you will always create in your project is the Project Charter. A well-documented Project Charter will help you seek the necessary buy-in from your project sponsor and the stakeholders. An end-to-end Project Charter leads to the approval to execute your project.

A nicely crafted Project Charter also gets you the necessary go-ahead for procuring the required resources and the budget needed for your project. In a nutshell, your ability to write comprehensive Project Charters enhances your visibility to the top-management level. By increasing your visibility, you are strengthening your chances to become more popular in the senior management, get a promotion, attract great pay-check, or even get into a new job.

This Project Charter Masterclass is filled with practical knowledge and easy-to-follow steps to guide you in creating your first Project Charter. This Masterclass applies to all types of projects – whether you execute Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, PMP style, big or small – absolutely, any project.

After completing this Project Charter Masterclass, you will master the ability to draft comprehensive Project Charters that create the required urgency amongst the senior management to take necessary action for your project that you intend to achieve. This Project Charter Masterclass trains you to:

  1. Create Business Case that is well-aligned with the organizational goals
  2. Write SMART Project Objectives
  3. Define the Project Scope (In-Scope and Out-of-Scope)
  4. Write compelling Project Title(s)
  5. Document detailed Project Description
  6. Identify the right Project Deliverables
  7. Explore High-Level Requirements
  8. Clarify Project Manager Authority
  9. Create a strong Project Team
  10. Identify Project Stakeholders
  11. Investigate Project Risks
  12. Formulate Project Assumptions
  13. Manage Project Constraints
  14. Clarify Project Approval Requirements
  15. Document Project Closure Requirements
  16. Work hand-in-glove with the Project Sponsors.

What is a Project Charter?

Project Charter is a document that authorizes and officially kicks off your projectThis Project Charter is a high-level formal document and depicts the essential aspects of your project. A well-documented Project Charter becomes an excellent pitch to seek buy-in from critical stakeholders in your organization. You need that buy-in to be successful.

Project Charter helps in keeping its readers on the same page as the project team and stakeholders. This Project Charter helps you provide an end-to-end view of your project. And again, this Project Charter further helps you to explore and define your project’s objectives effectively.

The Project Charter Specialization adds this Project Charter qualification to your skillset and provides you an opportunity to enhance your resume helping you stand out in this competitive world.

Do You Want to become a Project Charter Specialist?

If yes, you have just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth online Project Charter Masterclass. This Project Charter Specialization Training provides you a practical perspective to initiate and kick off your project. It provides you the right level of proficiency that enables you to be a hands-on expert capable of driving Project Charter creation for any and every project.

What would you get after taking this Project Charter Masterclass program?

  • Become a Project Charter Specialist
  • Master the art of crafting end-to-end Project Charters that are well-rounded and aptly describe your project
  • Become a Problem Solver for your business
  • Prepare for your PMP Certification exam on the topic of Project Charter
  • Effectively execute the Initiation Phase of your Project Management Journey
  • Learn every component of the Project Charter and start using this knowledge in real-life projects
  • Become an effective facilitator
  • Learn to Ask the Right Questions and Enable Holistic Thinking
  • Deliver well-documented Project Charters that urge instant action from the senior management
  • Become a pro at answering tough interview questions related to the creation of the Project Charter
  • Get access to the Project Charter template
  • Get access to several Real-Life Anecdotes sprinkled throughout the training
  • Document real-life Project Charter examples from start to end during your course journey
  • Get access to 40+ downloadable pdf(s)

What is covered in this Project Charter Masterclass?

  1. What is a Project?
  2. What is a Project Charter?
  3. How to write the Project Title?
  4. How to write the Project Description?
  5. How to write the Project Deliverables?
  6. What is a Business Case? How to write one?
  7. How to write the Measurable Project Objectives?
  8. How to write the Project Scope?
  9. How to write the High-Level Requirements?
  10. Project Management Name and Authority Level
  11. How to write the details of your Project Team?
  12. How to write the details of your Project Stakeholders?
  13. How to write the High-Level Project Risks?
  14. How to write the Project Assumptions?
  15. How to write the Project Constraints?
  16. How to write the Project Approval Requirements?
  17. How to document the Project Closure Requirements?
  18. Project Sponsors and their Signoffs

Inclusion of a Real-Life Case Study:

Within the Course, you will be introduced to a real-life case study. This case study will help translate the concepts discussed in each lesson to real-world practical scenarios. This case study is designed to keep you completely engaged in understanding the topics you are learning and practically applying it on the Project Charter that we build together in this Course.

Inclusion of a Real-Life Project Charter Activity:

Alongwith the case study, you will also complete a Project Charter activity. This activity provides you the necessary directions to build each component of the project charter and evolves as the training progresses.

The Course is very well structured:

  • You become an expert in creating Project Charter
  • The entire course is divided into 7+ sections
  • Each section is dedicated to two to three specific Project Charter Components
  • These concepts are taught in more than 45 lectures
  • Each lecture covers bite-sized information; easy to grasp and apply
  • Each lecture consists of a combination of the talking-head video and required screencast
  • Each section is well-rounded with:
    • A section objective discussed at the beginning
    • Then the concept is discussed at length
    • Then examples are discussed to review concepts from practical perspective
    • This is followed by a real-life case study and activity with an activity solution
    • Each section ends with an apt summary
  • There are ample examples and activities for each Project Charter component taught in this training
  • Each activity or home-work has a subsequent video lecture discussing the activity solution for self-evaluation
  • There are over 40 downloadable resources which are comprehensive and pertinently cover everything you’ll need to become a Project Charter Specialist

***No Prior Experience Needed***

This Project Charter Masterclass assumes that you have minimal project management background. With over 2 hours of on-demand video, over 45 lectures, over 40 supplemental resources and with a real-life case study, these comprehensive tutorial covers everything you’ll ever need to become a successful Project Charter practitioner.

Whether you want to:

  • Become an in-demand Certified Project Charter Practitioner for service/manufacturing organizations
  • Get freelancing assignments and work from home, setting your own schedule and rates
  • Sharpen your project management skills to reach the advanced level
  • Simply bring your own ideas to life with your first Project Charter

…this complete Project Charter Masterclass is exactly what you need, and more.

What are you waiting for? Enroll Today, Become a Master at creating comprehensive Project Charters and Start Your Projects with a mark of excellence!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Project Managers who want to learn How to Write Comprehensive Project Charters?
  • Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Project Managers
  • Individuals preparing for PMP Certification
  • Newbies, Freshers, Beginners in their Project Management Journey

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