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Programming For Beginners: Learn To Code in Visual Basic

What you’ll learn

  • How To Write Code In Visual Basic .NET
  • Use The Programming IDE Visual Studio
  • Produce Windows Console Applications


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Programming For Beginners: Learn To Code in Visual Basic. Hi there! In this course, we’ll teach you from a complete beginner’s perspective with absolutely no knowledge of programming. We’ll then build you up and teach you all the key skills, so by the end of the course you’ll be confident in programming within Visual Basic.

I’ve taught myself how to programme and have been avidly programming for 10+ years. My aim of the course is to use this experience to help beginners learn the very basics and fundamentals of coding. I decided to choose Visual Basic as it’s a nice starter language. It doesn’t throw you too far into the deep end; it slowly works its way up whilst keeping things simpler and easier to understand.

You’ll learn all the key points of Visual Basic .NET, as well as all the fundamentals of programming. Since Visual Basic has a more forgiving style, this means that your knowledge can be easily ported across to other programming languages. Additionally, there are four key challenges throughout the course. These are mini projects used to test your understanding. In my experience, I have found that a mixture of consuming and actually doing is the best way to learn.

So that’s a quick outline of the course. Hopefully you enjoyed it! So let’s not waste any more time and we’ll get started! Dive in with us and I’ll see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to learn programming, especially in Visual Basic using Visual Studio

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