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Principles of Energy Conversion

What you’ll learn

  • Can apply the basic principles of energy conversion.
  • At the end of the course, students will be able to analyze magnetic circuits.
  • Power and Energy Calculations in Magnetic Circuits will be a piece of cake for the student.
  • Student can evaluate the results that he/she obtained from analysis of Magnetic Circuits.
  • Student can apply the basic principles of energy conversion including the relation with Transformers.
  • Student learns the principle of Transformers.
  • Student will be able to make interpretations according to results of transformer analysis.
  • By the end of the course, student will have sufficient information regarding rotating machines.
  • Student understands the concept of motor, generator and transformer.


  • Basic Physics
  • Basic Math
  • Basic Circuit Knowledge


Principles of Energy Conversion In this course, students learn how to convert energy from one from to another as it is highly important in Electrical Engineering. Students also learn about the basic working principles of Motors, Generators and Transformers. Which are the fundamental electric devices in the transmission of Electrical Energy.

The syllabus can be found below for the first unit, as the course is updated, also the syllabus will be updated.

Unit 1 : Introduction to Electric Machinery

– Electric Machines, Transformers and Usage in Daily Life

– Rotational Motion (Basic of Electric Machines)

– Magnetic Field

– Magnetic Circuit

– Magnetic Behaviors of Ferromagnetic Materials

– Energy Losses in Ferromagnetic Materials

– Faraday’s Law

Unit 2 : Transformers

As it is estimated ; the course will be about 20+ hours.

Students can ask their questions any time they need help. Other than that, Afterclap Academy offers a free one-to-one lecture for a limited time. The purpose of this one to one lectures is to motivate students for the course and help them on their way to success.

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Who this course is for:

  • Those who contemplate a career in electrical engineering should not miss this course.
  • Those who wants to find out more about electric machines and the way that they operate.
  • Those who would like to know more about magnetic circuits.

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