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Price Action Day Trading (The Stock Market)

What you’ll learn

  • Price Action Terminology and its benefits
  • Swing Trading/ Day Trading/ Scalping/ Fast Scalping
  • The Theory of the Candlestick
  • Support and Resistance/Up and Down Trend
  • How to Draw Static/Dynamic Support and Resistance
  • Breakout/Pull Back
  • MTR theory
  • Market Cycles and How to trade in different cycles
  • Impulse, correction Strategy
  • Classic Patterns in the Stock market
  • Moving Average 20 Strategy
  • Pin Bar Strategy
  • Round Numbers Strategy
  • Gap
  • Risk, Reward, and Capital Management /Protective Stop
  • Introduction of the websites needed for the Stock Traders


  • I have tried to explain everything from zero, but it is recommended to have Very basic knowledge of the Stock Market at the same time.


It has always been a matter of controversy among Traders especially those who are mostly investors and take and make their profit in long term. They get unwell because the condition of the market is Bearish, and their shares do not go up. They say everything is great when the market is bullish but on the other hand, the time the market is bearish, we hate the market.

Day Trading is a great choice for these people because they do not have any open positions or shares at the end of the day. So, they can have a free mind. At the same time, there is another group that cannot stand the pressure for a long time and it is better for them to work daily. No matter whether the positions were profitable or not, they have a better and healthier mind at the end of the day. this course is really recommended to those I have just written about.

Finally, this course is good for those who are interested in price action trading. in price action strategies we do not use any indicator on our charts and the only thing we need is a laptop and the internet. We analyze and trade based on the price, candles, and the history of the market.

All in all, if you are interested in day trading and price action strategies you can enroll right now.

Who this course is for:

  • The Stock Market Day Traders interested in Price Action way of trading

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