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Practice Test on Unix Commands


Unix commands for – Practice Test on Unix Commands

  1. System, process and memory level information gathering and making sense out of this e.g. using top, ps or free -m etc.
  2. Exploring the available disk space, size etc. for files and directories e.g. using df, du and ls -S etc.
  3. Searching some pattern and Navigating different files and directories quickly to address any issues. For example using grep, sed or awk etc.
  4. Writing or editing scripts to make things works in an automated way. For example vi editor to writing a bash/shell script from scratch or editing some scripts written by someone else.
  5. Uses of loops and conditions to iterate over files or information to get some useful data from this.
  6. Copying, moving and restoring or linking files and/or directories for backup purpose. For example, cp and mv for copying or moving files within same file system and creating soft or hard link to save some inode space on Unix OS etc.
  7. Changing permission and taking ownership of files and directories in Unix based operating system.
  8. Opening files and searching some keyword quickly.
  9. Filtering information from output of existing commands to get the meaningful results.
  10. Understanding how to login to remote Unix system and taking alleviated permission to perform some tasks and copying or syncing files across remote servers.

Who this course is for:

  • Students aspiring to be in Application Support, DevOps and/or System Admin role

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