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Polish in 3”’ minutes

What you’ll learn

  • All basic informations about grammar and vocabulary
  • Dialogues based on the daily conversations in various places
  • Polish Alphabet
  • Learning the correct pronounciation
  • Reading, writing and listening skills


  • For begginers, everybody can try!


Polish in 3”’ minutes

Hello guys! I’m Monika, your polish tutor and polish native speaker.

Do you want to work in Poland?

Maybe visit soon?

Maybe u have polish friends with who you want to communicate better?

Then this course is for you!

Here you get knowledge about:

*All basic informations about grammar and vocabulary

*Dialogues based on the daily conversations in various places

*Analysis of the dialogues

*Polish Alphabet

*Learning the correct pronounciation

*Reading, writing and listening skills

And I’ll teach you all of this above in the most simple way.

Don’t worry, your dream about speaking polish language is gonna happen soon!

In past I was teaching polish some of my foreign friends and i really enjoyed it.

I have some good ideas for learning which ll be also very practical in the daily conversations.
This course is perfect for ppl who need a practical easy polish (easy polish, i know it sounds impossible, but believe me I’ll change your thinking about this)

In these short videos we ll make analysis of sentences with vocabulary below it.

I think it’s one of the best ways to learn, because even if u don’t have that huge knowledge about polish vocabulary u ll get the new words faster with understanding the meaning of sentence.

We’ll do also tasks to let u understand polish grammar.

*To some slides I’ve been using knowledge which I’ve learnt from Wikipedia.

Who this course is for:

  • For those who have no any knowledge about polish language, but want to communicate better in this language
  • For those who work here and want to communicate with cowokers in polish instead of english all the time
  • Travelers who want to communicate better in Poland
  • Foreign employees who work in Poland
  • For those who plan to visit Poland or even to live here

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