Personal Development

Personal Professionalism

What you’ll learn

  • What professionalism means
  • Why it is valuable
  • How to acquire and develop one’s personal professionalism
  • How to apply professionalism throughout one’s career


  • No prerequisites


Personal Professionalism. In this course, you’ll learn what professionalism is, why it’s so valuable to your personal brand, and how to acquire and improve it. This course is unique because it draws on primary research into the concept of the professionalism or people who do not work in formal professions – such as medicine, law and accountancy. It starts with a practical definition of what professionalism looks like and how people recognise it, then draws back the curtain to describe the skills, knowledge, mindset and know how that one must possess in order to be considered professional.

For some, the development of their own, personal professionalism starts on their parents’ lap, observing how they go about their working life, how they conduct themselves, how they deal with moral and ethical issues, and how they treat others. For others, it’s who they encounter when they set out in their working lives – good or bad bosses, personable or unpersonable colleagues, fair or unfair customers. One thing that’s missing is any sort of sign-post – what actually IS professionalism, and how do I know if what I observe in others is good or poor?

This course will give you a practical, working definition professionalism to help you develop your own, and gain a deeper insight as to the professionalism of those around you.

Best of luck!


Who this course is for:

  • Young people about to start their working life, or are at the start of their working life

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