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Partner Yoga Course Free

What you’ll learn

  • Partner Yoga Course Free
  • Partner Yoga
  • Details for the execution of Asana
  • Wide variety of postures with a partner
  • Complete guided practice in vinyasa style


  • No previous experience required, although a good physical condition is suitable


Partner Yoga Course Greetings, welcome to the partner yoga course. My name is Rafael Díaz from Estudio Korunta in Mexico and today I am glad to guide you and show you various techniques for practicing yoga with a partner. This type of practice allows us to experience in a different way postures which we may already be familiar with, this time with another approach by sharing posture, movement and breathing with a friend, family member or partner. At the same time it is possible to go deeper into each asana, maintaining proper body alignment while developing good communication and trust in the other. Without a doubt, this is a fun and effective way to enrich our practice. This course is divided into two sections, in the first we will carefully discuss details for the execution of asanas, in a wide variety of them, standing postures, balance, sitting, backbends and spinal twists spine, inverted postures and relaxation. The following section is a complete guided practice in a flowing vinyasa style. As I mentioned previously, communication is a fundamental part of this practice, we must always work within the physical limits of each one to avoid any injury. At all times feel free to send me comments or any questions you might have, and I will help you solve it. And so, without further ado we are ready to start with this course, may you enjoy it. Namaste

Who this course is for:

  • Yoga practitioners of all levels

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