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Operational Excellence Foundation Free

What you’ll learn

  • Operational Excellence Foundation
  • What does Operational Excellence mean?
  • Operational Excellence Model
  • Operational Excellence in Every – day Life
  • Operational Excellence – The System


  • No experience needed, You will learn everything you need to know


Operational Excellence Foundation Free Companies who are successful in implementing operational excellence have managed to address the emotional side, allowing people to really bond with the system. That’s the point, it’s a system, not a set of tools. If you’re looking at a nice toolbox that you can use whenever you’d like, people choose to opt out more often than not. Operational Excellence is not a toolbox, it’s a way of thinking, living, and acting in a business.

In this course, you will learn more about how the system is built and understand all the details.

This course will help you to understand the language of Operational Excellence and you can start participating in Operational Excellence activities and grow your career.

This is where your journey into Operational Excellence begins. Our range of courses take you through the Operational Excellence system, focusing on building the solid foundation you need for success. These courses provide all the steps and key methods needed as well as how to hold the gains. You could choose to become perfectly suited to lead Kaizen initiatives.

If you want to learn more, maybe you want to discover how to master methods such as 5S, 5 Why or SMED. Wherever you choose to start, each course will build your ability to become capable of rapid problem solving, root cause analysis, and more.

Each course ends with a quiz which will demonstrate your new skills and knowledge as well as providing you with a course completion certificate.

Where will you choose to start?

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who are keen to learn about Operational Excellence – The System and start introducing it into their lives/careers

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