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Nutrition disorders and oral health

What you’ll learn

  • General functions and usage of nutrients in our body
  • Nutritional disorders and its symptoms and signs
  • Metabolism disorders of carbohydrates,lipids,proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Oral manifestation of nutritional disorders


  • Medical understanding


Nutrition disorders and oral health. This course gives a person the general knowledge of nutritional disorders. In these lectures there are discussed topics about  carbohydrate ,lipids and proteins , what are their functions , epidemiology,classifications, signs , symptoms,types  and oral manifestations of their disorders. After the detailed  discussion about each disorder ,

there is the information how these disorders  effect on oral health,what are the oral manifestation during there disorders.  Along with these disorders there are lectures about vitamins and minerals , the  brief and very informative information about each minerals and vitamins ,

The food sources, their function and the causes, symptoms  during the deficiency or toxicity of each minerals and vitamins and  their  connection to oral health problems.These courses will help young doctors and students to understand more clearly the  nutritional value of carbohydrates,lipids,proteins ,vitamins and minerals. their main functions and role in organism .

Lectures are also aimed to the dentists . the lectures explains the correlation between   oral health and nutritions. After each topic there is section about oral health ,where  person can find information about possible problems and diseases due to metabolism disorders of each nutrients.  In the Vitamins and minerals topic lectures this connection is discribed after every  vitamin and minerals.

Who this course is for:

  • The course will be useful for medical students,doctors or people interested in biology od medical field

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