Next Level Tea Making

What you’ll learn

  • Learn my coveted T.E.A. Method to make the perfect tea blend every time
  • Explore the Top Herbs Every Herbalist Should Have
  • Craft your own herbal infusions, decoctions and sun teas
  • Master Making Beverage and Medicinal Blends at home


  • No prior herbal experience is required.


Next Level Tea Making. Boxed teas are boring, dull and lifeless. I know that’s harsh-but it’s true. It is often cheaper to make your own tea at home, it will taste better, and it might even be more potent. Traditional tea bags have glue and toxic chemicals in with the purported medicinal benefits of the herb. The big box manufacturers aren’t even herbalists! It’s time for a change!

Tea blending is an art, you can’t just throw ingredients into a bowl and expect it to be tasty and effective. You need to know about tastes, actions and energetics, before you make your blend. By learning about these components-you’ll actually know a lot more than the herbalist next door.

In this course you will learn how to make your tea blends that look stunning and taste amazing. You’ll learn my coveted T.E.A. Method to make the perfect tea blend every time. You’ll also learn the top herbs I think every household should have! And most importantly, you’ll snag my yummy tea blends to try at home!

This course provides access to Downloadable and recipes notes- so you can reference them later and share with a friend!

The best part is that we will be making and tasting our teas together! We will explore herbal infusions, decoctions and sun teas. Just bring your body, your herbs and a mug! Access to at least 10 beverage herbs is recommended.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Herbalists wanting to make their own herbal blends

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