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New Salesforce User Training Course 2022

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Basic of Being a Salesforce User
  • How to Become a Salesforce Super User
  • Best Practices to Work with an Admin
  • How to Use Salesforce the Best Way Possible


  • A willingness to learn and take these skills with you into your every day


New Salesforce User Training Course 2022. Hello there! I remember being in your spot. A Salesforce user and not knowing what to do within salesforce or where to go. I was so scared to touch anything out of fear of breaking the entire system!

As I got more comfortable with the system and was able to navigate around it, I grew a love and a passion for Salesforce. I have worked as an end-user, Salesforce Technical Support, and now as a consultant and content creator!

I would love to have you join me in answering your top Salesforce questions!

Things we will cover:

  • All Major Objects (groups of data) including Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities
  • Related Lists
  • Reporting and how to create your own reports
  • The tricks of the trade for saving your time in salesforce
  • How to work around error messages
  • And LOADS more!

We will go into many of the tricks and tips that I have learned from other admins, super users, and managers that help them use salesforce the best way possible!

I want to set you up for loads of success in your technical future!

Salesforce is a growing industry. In the next 5 years Salesforce is projected to add over 9 million new jobs to the economy so learning Salesforce now will boost your career for years to come!

Who this course is for:

  • Users of Salesforce who want learn more about how to use the platform
  • Users of Salesforce who want to become super users

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