MongoDB Basics For Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • This course is for the beginners who want to learn basics of mongodb. It teaches how to create database create collections, insert and delete from database.
  • Install Mongodb database
  • CRUD operations in mongodb
  • Aggregate functions in mongodb
  • Bulk Write


  • No programming experience needed you will learn from basics
  • laptop


MongoDB Basics For Beginners. This course gives a introduction to mongodb. Helps you install mongodb on your system. You will learn how to perform basic CRUD operations in mongodb. How to create, read, update and delete from database. You will also learn aggragate function like $match, $lookup, $project, $gt, $lt, $gte, $lte, $unwind. Youw will learn bulkWrite in mongodb. People who want to work with mongodb will be benefitted by taking this course.

Mongodb is a extremely popular No SQL database. It is used to store data. Mongodb developers are in high demand in IT industry. Working with mongoDB is very simple and you can learn fast.

This course teaches –

* Installation

* CRUD operations – create, read, update, delete operations in Mongoshell and in mongodb compass.

* aggregate functions – $match, $lookup, $project, $gt, $lt, $gte, $lte, $unwind

* bulkWrite 

This course is for the beginners who are starting to learn mongodb.

You can practise all the commands by coding. This course gives you hands on experience with mongodb.

This course is for the beginners who want to work with mongoDB database. who want to build mobile and web applications in mongodb. I will teach you to write mongodb commands step by step.

Learn everything required to use mongodb in your projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Begginers who want to learn basics of mongodb database

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