MEAN Stack Angular Material Node.js Angular App [2022]

What you’ll learn

  • Create an Web Application of type eCommerce Using the MEAN Stack and Angular Material
  • Choose between Backend or Frontend development or do Both (Fullstack) thanks to the course resources that wiil be available
  • Learn Backend development with Node js
  • Learn Mongoose Commands and Queries to be able to communicate with your Database
  • Learn to Implement Authentication based on JWT
  • Learn how to encrypt passwords using Bcrypt
  • Learn File Upload of images using Multer
  • Animate your components to make them move on your page
  • Learn how to integrate Angular Material components to your API


  • You are expected to know the basics of Javascrip and to know basic angular terminology (such as what is a component, a service…)


MEAN Stack Angular Material Node.js Angular App [2022]. Build a fullsatck MEAN e-commerce Application. But what is a MEAN Stack ?

Well MEAN stands for : MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node js. To sum up, the MEAN stack is a connected software that we will create coded in Javascript and more precisely with Angular as a frontend framework and Node js as a backend framework.

You will learn about file upload, angular pipes for filtering data, integrating angular material components to your api, communicating with a database through mongoose, and much more ! This course covers in detail every aspect of creating a backend with Node js. It also teaches you how to test your routes by using a mock api software named Postman. Further more, you are to discover everything there is to know about a frontend coded with Angular.

About the UI Library you will be using in this course : Angular material is a library created by google in 2014 and still in use with many updates until today. I had the opportunity to use it in my professional career. It contains all sorts of components from loading spinners, to modal or pop-ups, even snackbars. This course targets developers from different levels, from beginners to advanced.

You are expected to know the very basic terms of Javascript, Angular and Node js such as “Services”, “Components”, “npm packages”. But if you are not familiar with these terms you can learn them on the go.

Who this course is for:

  • This is a MEAN Stack course
  • . But what does MEAN Actually stand for ? It is an acronym that means : MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node js.
  • So to sum up, a MEAN Stack is a free and openSource software coded in Javascript with its framework : Angular. We will be
  • In this course you will learn how to implement :
  • Angular material components
  • Password encryption to protect the users of your App
  • Jwt-Tokens
  • File uploads (images)
  • Filtering data using Angular Pipes
  • Creating http request to the server
  • Animating images in your components
  • And much more…
  • You will learn how to configure a development environment. By the time you complete this course you will have assimilated all there is to know about backend programming with Node js and about frontend development with Angular. You will also have learnt how to communicate with your database using mongoose commands.

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