Maya 3D Modeling SAUCE

What you’ll learn

  • Maya 3D Modeling SAUCE
  • Complete Guide to Multicut and Edgeloop tools
  • Modeling with Deformers
  • Duplication Options to Create Patterns fast by Using Instances and Radial symmetry
  • Turbo Selection Methods/Hotkeys/Marking menu


  • Autodesk Maya software (preferred 2018 to 2022)


Maya 3D Modeling SAUCE We all know there is a lot of good information on YouTube, but sifting through it to find what you want to know can be super time consuming! This course is simply organized so you can pick and choose what information you want to learn about instantly.

Also, its yours for a lifetime should you need to use it as a reference although, the techniques and tricks should click and change the way you use the tools for good!

This course is designed to show you my best tricks and tools, rapid fire. This is not a project based course, it’s rapid fire knowledge to take your understanding of the tools to the next level, or at the very least speed up your workflow!  You could even through this on while you work on other projects and I’m sure you would pick something useful up from it.

I’ll simply walk you through everything I know about each tool and how I use them on a daily basis during my day job as a 3D modeler for television production!

So, whether you are a seasoned pro or just beginning to blossom as a 3D modeler, I’m confident that this course will teach you some new ideas about 3D Modeling in Maya

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