Mastering Virtual Staging in 3ds Max and Corona Renderer

What you’ll learn

  • Adding Virtual Furniture to Empty Real Estate Photo
  • How to do Virtual Renovation for Uncompleted projects
  • How to do Virtual Furniture Removal/Decluttering for filled rooms
  • How to do Virtual Room Makeover for cluttered spaces
  • How to start a Virtual Staging Business


  • Basic Understanding of 3ds Max Interface
  • Basic Understanding of Corona Renderer Interface
  • Basic Understanding of Photoshop Interface
  • Using basic tools in 3ds Max
  • Using basic tools in Corona Renderer
  • Using basic tools in Adobe Photoshop


Mastering Virtual Staging in 3ds Max and Corona Renderer

In this virtual home staging course, you will learn how to do Virtual Staging in 3ds Max software.

You will also learn how to do the following :

  1. Virtual Renovation
  2. Virtual Furniture Removal
  3. Virtual Room Makeover
  4. Start a Virtual Staging business

Are you losing sales as a realtor or real estate agent?

Do you want to serve the real estate industry as a Virtual Home Staging Designer?

Do you want an add-on virtual staging service as a real estate photographer?

Do you want to be able to test your interior design ideas virtually?

Are you interested in real estate, interior design, and graphics design?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should enroll in this course now and start learning.

With this course, you have a complete package for the multiverse of virtual staging projects.

Each section can be taken independently since they are different project types under the same virtual home staging umbrella.

By following simple steps you will know how to produce realistic virtual staging images of real estate photos for real estate agents and developers, real estate photographers, and home staging experts in the real estate industry.

Enjoy yourself and ensure you practice everything you learn in this course.

Practice is key if you want to become a master Virtual Staging Expert.

Who this course is for:

  • Real Estate Agents and Realtors who wants clients to see more potential in a room
  • Real Estate Photographers who wants to offer virtual staging as additional service
  • Interior Designers who wants to visualize interior design ideas on real photos
  • Architectural Visualization Artist who wants to expand service to real estate industry
  • Home Stagers who wants to offer E-design and digital staging service to clients
  • Graphics Designers who wants to expand portfolio into real estate industry

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