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Mastering KODI – The Ultimate Digital Media Hub Free

What you’ll learn

  • Install Kodi on a variety of popular operating systems
  • Understand how to add media libraries
  • Install software repositories and addons
  • Set up Kodi as a digital streaming hub (for media content, IPTV, radio and gaming)
  • Play games (stored on the Internet Archive) through Kodi
  • Control Kodi via a tablet or smartphone
  • Configure gamepads and controllers
  • Mastering KODI – The Ultimate Digital Media Hub Free


  • No programming knowledge or prior experience using Kodi is necessary.
  • A device to install Kodi on (ie. A computer with either the Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, a raspberry pi3/4 or an Android smartphone) will be useful..
  • Experience writing disc images to micro-SD cards or USB storage will be helpful.
  • A smartphone or tablet (running either Android or IOS) is can be used for controlling Kodi remotely
  • A bluetooth or USB gamepad controller is required for playing emulated games in Kodi


Mastering KODI – The Ultimate Digital Media Hub Learn how to set up KODI for streaming IPTV, digital media content and playing video games (via emulation) on a range of popular operating systems.

Build a strong understanding of KODI whilst learning how to customise it’s look, feel and functionality in this course.

  • Install KODI on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi operating systems
  • Customise KODI via official and third-party addons
  • Add local media libraries and online media sources
  • Set up an IPTV client
  • Use addons to stream video, radio and IPTV content
  • Control KODI remotely using the Kore app (on a tablet or smartphone)
  • Activate audio-visualisations
  • Configure gamepad controllers
  • Emulate consoles and load video games using the Internet Archive Game Launcher

A powerful multimedia hub that can be customised to suit your needs

Learning the fundamentals of KODI places a powerful and super useful tool at your fingertips. KODI is a freely available open source application, easy to learn and with excellent documentation by a global community of developers.

Knowing how to set up KODI will allow you to create a powerful digital media hub capable of accessing all kinds of content stored locally (on your device) and online. Official and third-party addons can be installed to extend the software’s functionality, streaming content from a range of IPTV channels and popular platforms (including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Paramount+, Spotify, Tidal, etc) all through a single device.

Content and Overview

Designed for people with no prior experience using KODI, through this course of five modules and 1 hour of content, you’ll learn the fundamentals for installing KODI, customising its appearance and setting it up for playing multimedia content on a range of popular operating systems. Each section focuses on separate areas that allow KODI to become a powerful digital media hub and emulation gaming system.

Starting with the installation of KODI on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi (LibreElec) operating systems, this course will walk you through how to optimise KODI’s user interface, settings and play content on your chosen device. After installing the Kore app, you will be able to use a tablet or smartphone to remotely control KODI. We will also explore audio-visualisation in KODI and understand how to activate a range of inbuilt audio-visualiser plugins.

With these basics mastered, we will then examine how KODI’s addon manager works. After installing official and third-party software addons, you will learn how to extend the functionality of KODI to suit your streaming requirements.

In the final section for this course, you will learn how to configure game-pad controllers, install emulator cores and use the Internet Archive Game Launcher addon to play video games (via console emulation).

Students completing this course will have the knowledge required to install KODI on a range of popular operating systems and set it up for viewing all types of digital media content, radio and IPTV channels. You will also know how to customise KODI’s appearance and extend the default functionality of this application to your liking.

Complete with detailed screen-recordings and tutorials walking you through the content covered in each topic, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor whilst setting up your own KODI installation. Alongside receiving a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course, you will become a master at using this powerful open source software to stream anything you desire.

Who this course is for:

  • If you’re interested in new media technology, retro gaming and open source software, then this course is for you.
  • Digital media streamers, cord cutters and retro gamers will find the content in this course useful.
  • New users who would like to learn how to set up Kodi effectively.

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